Stupid Question, but where do you keep your bag?

  1. The bag that you're currently using, what do you do with it when you arrive home??

    I used to toss mine on the kitchen bench, or on the table in my dressing room, (which is currently covered in clothing!), but a Kelly looks kind of out of place on the Kitchen bench now, it was OK when it was only a longchamp tote.......what do you do with your bag when you get home?????
  2. i usually go straight to my room after getting out of the car, so i plop my bag on my bedroom's couch almost all the time.
  3. I put Picotin either on a wooden chest when I get home, or the sofa. And on a few occasions, on the floor too. Usually, right to the first place where I went.
  4. I'm glad to hear you all leave them sitting around, too!!
  5. as soon as i get home, i park it in my work area in the kitchen (corner which also houses my computer, paperwork etc). toss my keys and sunnies on the doesn't make it to our bedroom.

    not unless it's a special bag only carried out for that day, i empty it's contents and it heads back to it's orange box.
  6. During the day time, I have mine in the living room - where I tend to be, but at night I place my Kelly on a bench in my bedroom...
  7. On a counter in the kitchen that is untouched by food, dinnerware, or appliances, next to my baby's diaper bag and my son's backpack.
  8. Me too, or sometimes on a cedar chest in my bedroom.
  9. Dining room table. It's not like anyone actually eats there.... :yes:

    24, how is that sweet baby of yours?
  10. It's sitting right now on my little caramel velvet upholstered chair in the foyer! No-one and nothing else gets to use it!!!!
  11. My husband made a table out of Zerbra wood just for this reason. He didn't want to see my expensive bags around the house or thrown around so one day he came home with this BEAUTIFUL Louis III style table and parked it in an empty spot we had by the entry door. When I come home the bag sits right there and never moves from there. It looks so beutiful when I walk by.
  12. WHOA!!!!! BAGG!!!!!! What are those GORGEOUS Hermes items sitting in your avatar! HOLY THUNDERING JESUS!!!!! wow, wow, wow, wow......why oh why can't I enlarge that pic so I can feast my eyes on THAT eye-candy!!!!!
  13. I'll post her in the ref page shopmom. Thanks!
  14. ^^I know! I was like KA-POW!!!:wtf::wtf::wtf: too, lol! That image nearly knocked me off my seat. Bagg posted in the "dogon vs Bearn" thread (the croc Bearn pics are there) but she's going to post in the reference thread for the rest of the pics!:wtf: Can't wait!!!:yahoo:

    ETA: oops, there you go, lol!
  15. Holy mother-of-God, I'm heading there right now......