Stupid question....but it wouldn't be the first time....

  1. Ok...this has got to be the most stupid question ever posted......but....I have to ask it anyway.......just don't bust a gut laughing.....

    Can someone explain to me how the craftsmen finish off the edges of the bags???? I mean, I know they use some kind of wax....right??? :shrugs:

    Just thought after all this time I should know whats what.......:s
  2. I don't think is a wax. I think its some kind of sealant, but it doesn't feel like wax. But it does crack a bit, so maybe it is?
  3. It's a resin, that I believe is heated, then rubbed onto the edges and buffed.

    it's a rare treatment, hence the cost of the bloody bags!!
  4. I thought it was some form of glue, because it's sticky, LOL. Well, resin, glue. Same thing.

    Every time I get a new bag or belt, it picks up lint, fluff and bits of tissue paper. Grrrr.
  5. According to this, its called "inking." Judy is a very sweet lady, by the way, and I love her blog and bags! I read this a while ago, cannot believe I get to use this info. Elsewhere on the blog is an article about zippers!
  6. Cool, you learn something new everyday! Thanks!:wlae:
  7. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! This is great information!!!!
  8. I don't think this is a stupid question at all. I think it's something that most of us Hermes lovers would want to know!!
  9. thanks for sharing this... definitely more and more to learn each day..
  10. Not a stupid question dear lady!!

    I thought it was some kind of melted/treated rubber!!!
    (Now I think that's stupid:shame: )

    Thanks for the info Grands Fonds...
    I read that blog about inking CobaltBlu, and I'm thankful to own an Hermes bag. Hermes is fine craftsmanship at its best.
  11. What a great blog site! Thanks for the info!
  12. Thank you so much, CobaltBlu ... I learn something new again! Great!
  13. Wow...great info...I am excited to learn about how they finish the bags. Thanks.
  14. I was just looking at the number of visitors to my blog and was overwhelmed by a sudden surge on May the 10th... thinking it might be "Pay-Per-Click Fraud" I traced it only to find.... my God, lots of people wanting to know about inking! (I thought no one read my blog... I have been very busy designing my next collection but I must update it immediately!!...)
    Thank you for finding it interesting... No doubt Hermes have their own particular method and materials, and name even, but it would be a similar process, I'm sure. It all comes from the skills of saddle and harness making, passed down over generations and perfected in different ways in different countries.
    If you want to have a look at some of the bags I design click on the home page at the top of the blog... although I have a feeling no-one will ever tear you away from Hermes! Who can blame you.. they are beautifully made.
    PS. Thank you Cobalt Blu. That was sweet of you to think of me xx