stupid question - bag in a bag 2008

  1. o.k. maybe this should be obvious but it is not to me... so here goes...

    does anyone know if the bag in a bag marc jacobs bags for spring 2008 are detachable? meaning can you carry either/or and both, depending how you feel?

    has anyone seen these in person? are they nicer in person?

    has anyone bought one and care to post pics?

    i am soooo intrigued by these...

  2. ^ sadly, the small bag in front is not detachable. it would be much better it if were though. i love the small lace and sequined bags on the front. the bag in a bags look cool and interesting imo. a lot of people don't like them, and for $2k and more? too expensive!
  3. yeah ive heard its not detachable. im not a fan of the way it looks. if youre interested, you might be able to pick one up for cheap later on. i dont think theyll be a smash hit with the masses.
  4. [​IMG]

    wow. two strange mj creations yet sophia bush looks absolutely adorable! she must really love her mj. i wonder where shes at.

    and now i really want yellow pumps.
  5. hmm. thanks for posting. 2k is a lot of money for such an iffy bag... i'll see how i feel at the sales. there will probably be a few left over. until then i have sooo many other bags that i have my sights on :smile:
  6. I have a feeling, as ugly as we all think these bags are, that they're going to be one of the IT bags this season and we're going to seeing them on many more celeb arms soon!! Most celebs seem to go for the unusual and want to stand out - these bags, with their bright colors and "growth" coming out from the front of the bag are sure to be standouts!! And at $2k & up, they're right around celebrity range - I have a feeling for that reason, they're going to be HTF come sale time!!!

    (then again - the sale price for a $2k bag won't be all that great. At 60% off, that's still around $900, which is more than I'd pay. Look at all those $4k Metallic Python Stams that sat on the sale tables at $1500 for months!!!)
  7. ahhh. celebs. it's easy to carry a 2k handbag when more often than not you get it for free... not sure on m.j.'s policy on this but a lot of the other companies (cough * chloe * cough) send BOXES of bags to p.r. agents for distribution to their high end clients... thus creating demand amongst, well, us... and making this a pretty efficient way to advertise...