Stupid question about the groom agenda.......

  1. I did a forum search on this but couldn't find a difinitive answer: is the groom agenda only coming in small? I at least need a medium, maybe even a large! :crybaby: But I do love this line- I desperately want the bandeau and the cles. btw, does anyone know the set prices?
  2. Yes, only small.
  3. Only PM (small) 4x6.. $340 for agenda, cles $230, monnie rond (sp) $ 280 dont know about bandeau,,
  4. Do you have the prices for wallets?:shame:
  5. When I called about the wallets....I said I want all the wallets and they said there were only 2??!!??
  6. I want that bandeau, had no idea there was one so I am hoping to get one before they are gone. I didn't get my name in for that, I didn't even know........ :sad:
  7. Join the club of confusion taco lol
  8. I am in for confusion club...swear most of the time Pfers can get more info than SA.. I am so frustrated..

    I think I saw the price for wallet something like $560 for compact and zipper organizer $ 670..something like that.
  9. Thanks!
  10. Thanks there are only 2 wallets then? ARG!
  11. I'm not going old thread had the following info:

    7 unisex pieces including 2 agenda covers, 3 wallets, round coin purse, and cles.

    Why is my SA telling me only 2 wallets????? ARG! I've gotta call again tomorrow....which'll put me at the bottom of the list for that last wallet.
  12. PMing you
  13. i think John5 said something like $140 for the bandeau?
  14. Can someone confirm the pieces, there is: port monnaie ronde (orange stripe) the small agenda (in 3 colours, its the size of a regular picture u get printed from a store right?), the cles with (yellow stripe), the organizer (green stripe, is this the second "wallet"?), the zippe wallet (blue stripe with the change holder as well built in right?) and finally the 2 keychains. A total of 7 pieces, are these all of them? thanks!