stupid question about multivitamins

  1. okay, so my diet sucks. i don't eat a whole bunch- and if i do, it's not healthy. (long story...and i know it's bad to do that. but, yeah.)

    anyways. i figured taking some multivitamins would help. except i bought some and i just can't swallow the pills (unless pills are teeny tiny, i just can't do it because i have a horrible gag reflex). sooo...that got me wondering. would the childrens chewable ones be okay to take? i mean, vitamins are vitamins, right?

    and if anybody laughs at me, i'll hurt you. lol. i'm just curious. or if anyone knows of a multivitamin that is really small in size?
  2. I don't see anything wrong with taking children's vitamins, but of course that is something you should talk to your doctor about. The doses may possibly be made for a smaller size person, and the daily value may be more suitable for children. I do know several adults who use the Flintsone's ones! But taking vitamins should not be a substitution for healthy foods, only a supplement.
  3. Children's vitamins have a recommended dose for adults, you can totally take them.

    The little girl I nanny takes the Flinstone's gummies (which taste SOO good!!!) and she and I always take them together. I think they recommend 2 for adults :yes:

    I had a hard time swallowing pills for a long time too... no worries- there are options!
  4. What if you just eat a bunch of gummies? Can that be bad for you?!
  5. i went and bought some, but it just says to take one for over the age of 4. uhm. i'm pretty sure a 22 y/o and a 4 y/o aren't the same, lol.

    is it possible to take too much of a multivitamin?
  6. It can be possible to take too much of a multivitamin because some of the elements such as vitamins A,B, D, E, and K are stored in fat cells and therefore can build up to toxic levels. Also iron can be toxic and even vitamin C. However I would imagine you'd have to take WAY over the recommended dose to cause harm.

    As has been stated, multivitamins should be used as a supplement to a healthy diet, not as a substitute.
  7. Why not try Ensure? I used to drink it when I was in college and wasn't eating properly.

    As far as the children's vitamins are concerned, I would suggest consulting a doctor as it is possible to get too much of a good thing.
  8. ensure makes me want to puke. it's awful.

    i don't currently have a doctor, so i guess i'm just gonna hope for the best. thanks guys!
  9. You *can* have too much of certain vitamins in your blood stream/body, but from the kids bottle- you could ***probably*** eat them all and be fine. Kids vitamins surely are made with the thought that kids can get a hold of them and eat a ton, so they are surely not toxic etc. But I am no doctor.

    Anyhow, Katherine- you can eat probably 2-4 per day and that would be what I would do. They taste good, don't they??
  10. i just know the only thing i need to be careful of is vitamin k.

    but, dangit, they do taste good. :shame:
  11. Fat soluble vitamins like K and E and A can be overdosed on. Generally, an overdose of C will only cause some discomfort and diarrhea. If you read the labels, 2 gummies will give a child 4 or over only about 50% or less of any given vitamin, so you can surely take at least 4 of them.

    Oh, and not to be too mom-like, but try a little step of trying to add just ONE additional serving of a fruit or veggie into your diet. Just an apple or a few baby carrots! No multi can make up for the real thing!
  12. Is there a pharmacy nearby that you could ask? Thats what I did and they offered some great advice and options.
  13. I take Flintstones Vitamins! They're chewable and taste good :biggrin:
  14. i have the same problem. i hate the multi Vs coss they're HUGE!!! it's like, can't someone create a smaller multi V?? it's like swallowing a beauty sample!!
  15. i think ALL pills are huge! i could barely swallow my bc and those were tiny! lol.