Stupid question about connecting flights

  1. I always fly direct so I've never had to catch a connecting flight before. What's the process? Do you have to recheck yourself in to get your second boarding pass or is it issued at the first stop? Or do you step right up to the next boarding gate? I'm so confused. :confused1:
  2. You get all your boarding passes when you check yourself in the first time. After that , you've just got to grab your luggage and find the right gate for the next flight.
  3. Thanks! :smile:

    Does the airline take care of transfering checked luggage? I've heard horror stories about bags getting lost on connecting flights.
  4. it depends, some do and some don't. you'll have to ask when you check in. you will get your second boarding pass though, as long as it's with the same airline or one of their partners and booked on the same ticket.
  5. Whenever I've connected, the airline has taken care of my luggage and they've always made an announcement on the flight saying which gate to go to next. I hate connecting flights because I'm impatient and I just want to my destination asap, but I've never had any problems at all...
  6. I guess you can say airlines try their best! But I have had some mix-ups that left me VERY worried about my luggage (and all the valuables in there!) though none quite counts as "horrific" :p Recently when I had connecting flights from Seattle to San Fran, we checked in our luggage for our next flight. Then when we landed @ SF, the people at the gate told us our luggage was on the other flight to SF... 7 hrs later!!! :wtf: My friend and I were DEVASTED. But it could have been a system info mix-up. So we clung onto a shred of hope, and waited until all the bags were brought out from our flight. There they were on the faaaaar side of the baggage claim area, sitting all by their lonesomes. I have never been so relieved! I swear they had the blinding aura and I heard heavenly music when I set eyes on them! :roflmfao:
  7. Yes, you can ask them to check your luggage all the way through when you check in at the gate BUT if you're changing airlines or making mulitple stops that can be really scary. Sometimes they'll check your flights on earlier or later flights which mean your bags will either get there before or after you. Good luck!!!
  8. I've never had to do anything with my luggage more than checking it when I get to the airport. They always have transferred it. If there are airlines that don't do this, I've never flown on them.
  9. What airline are you flying? Domestic or Intl? Most carriers will allow you to check in online up to 24 hours in advance and print ALL your boarding passes from home (Intl check in rules vary by airline - some will not let you check in online) As well they have kiosks at the airport to drop your bags when doing this (in all honesty I am most familiar with CO and AA).

    Don't worry too much about your checked bag - it *should* make it... but you probably know not to check valuables and always have a change of clothing in your carry on! :yes:
  10. Hi Archipelago!

    As others have posted, if you have your flights all on the same ticket you will get all of your boarding passes printed when you check in. And, your luggage will get checked all the way through. I am pretty anal about this too and I ALWAYS watch the agent to make sure he/she gets my tag with my final destination city looped securely on my baggage.

    Crossing fingers, I have not had a problem with luggage not making the connection. But it's always a good idea to have a spare toothbrush and other essentials (meds, etc) in your carryon or handbag just in case your luggage is delayed. More often than not, if YOU are delayed, your bags are too and will follow you in suit.

    Often the flight attendants will announce gate numbers of connecting flights just before landing. Again, I am anal so I take it with a grain of salt and ALWAYS check the screens in the terminal once I deplane to make sure the gate # hasn't changed. You won't need to go through security again since you're already in a terminal. What I usually do is find my connecting flight gate or at least see about how far of a walk it's going to be and THEN go relax, grab a bite to eat or magazine or just walk around, especially in an airport I'm not familiar with. I can't just sit down and eat first and then find my connecting gate a little while later, KWIM?

    Have a great trip!
  11. I'm flying with Delta for the whole trip. I'm flying domestic.

    Whew! Thanks for all your replies ladies. I'm feeling a lot better about my trip now.
  12. I'm a frequent flier, international and domestic, and agree with all of the advice from the other posters :tup:

    The luggage tag printed out by the check-in agent will have all of your flights and name in both alphanumeric letters and in barcode (that the baggage handlers scan along the way when your bag is moved from plane to plane). If your bag doesn't arrive with you, you can call the phone number included on your ticket jacket, give them the bag tag tracking number (the check-in agent will give it to you) and they can tell you exactly where your bag is.

    HOWEVER, I once had my suitcase handle break off completely and that tag, along with my own luggage tag with my contact info, fell off. THANKFULLY I had read about a hint that I did that enabled the baggage handlers to get my flight info and name and print a new tag they attached to the other handle. Here's the priceless hint:

    Print out your flight itinerary, write your name, phone number where you can be contacted (cellphone), and email address and make multiple copies. Put one copy inside the exterior zippered pocket of your checked baggage (if you have an exterior pocket) and one copy inside of your baggage, on top of your clothes where it can be easily accessed by anyone. This is to ensure if your bag does get inadvertantly put on another flight or left at the airport somehow or the tag falls off somewhere, your bag, flight details, final destination and bag owner contact information are easily identifiable.

    I was flying from the US to Asia and the baggage handlers must have accessed the itinerary copy I placed in my exterior pocket. If I didn't have this itinerary in the pocket, my bag would have been completely unidentifiable and lost forever.
  13. As soon as you check in (doesnt matter where) but as long as it is your FIRST time checking in, the check-in assistant will see your tickets, give you your boarding passes etc.. and there will be a sticker on all your luggage that tells the ground staff and baggage handlers that you are travelling via a connecting flight.

    Once you have landed in your first location, your luggage will be taken care of by the ground staff and luggage handlers. All you will have to do is go back through security - then to your designated gate.
  14. This is ok, if you want to risk your privacy. - I've heard stories about people that have done this, and the intineray with personal details on it has been taken out, when their luggage has made it to the destination the passenger was travelling to. :wtf:

    Connecting flights aren't generally that bad, so I don't think theres any reason to do this imo.
  15. Maybe not to that extreme but I put a paper with my name and phone number on it in my luggage when I travel, better safe then sorry. I was in the air a lot the last 5 days and at a couple of the airports I went to I saw random bags on the ground that had obviously fallen off the transport things.