Stupid Question about Arrival Time!!

  1. Hey guys! Ok, this is a really stupid question, :shame: but I really need an answer.

    The Sidekick 3 comes out tommorow in stores where i live (new orleans). I went to the store yesterday and talked to the guy there and he said that he thinks they'll get about 20-30 sidekicks in. (I put my name on the list, but that doesnt gurantee me a phone). The store opens at 9. What time do you think I should get there to make sure I can get one?

    I know this is a really, really, really stupid question but I HAVE to have this phone!!!!!!!

    Thank you!
  2. I think it depends on where you live and how busy your store is. I know that there were lines forming overnight in New York and LA when the Sidekicks became available for current customers (those were the only two stores that had them in stock, the rest of us had to order by phone or online).
    When I ordered mine online it took 3 days to reach me, so if you show up at 8:45 and the line is crazy, and you can't get one, it's not like you have a huge wait ahead of you if you order by phone or online. But, I bet if you get there a little before the store opens, get yourself a coffee or something and plunk down to wait, you'll be one of the first in there and have no trouble getting a SK3.
    Good luck, I like mine a lot!
  3. I'd get there about 8:00 and bring a book or something with me. It's worth the hour to get the first one!! Better safe than sorry!!!
  4. ok so an hour is enough? i might go a little be earlier just to be safe - like I said, I MUST HAVE this phone. hahah
  5. Yea, I would say an hour, maybe an hour and 30 mins. if you think there will be a ton of people. I work at Best Buy and when new game systems come out, people will wait anywhere from 1 - 16 hrs. It can be a little crazy, but, I don't think you need to be more than an hour or so early. GL!!
  6. I GOT ONE! aaahhhh im in love!

    but now i have to figure out how to use it! idk how to call someone......hahaah
  7. Congrats! Were you the first in line?
    If you need any help with it, feel free to PM me. :smile:
    As for making calls, flip the screen open, and dial with either the top row numbers or the blue buttons. HTH!