Stupid question #104 about Legacy...

  1. Hi guys. I'm trying to describe a Legacy item and for the life of me I cannot find anywhere even on the Coach site what kind of fabric the legacy fabric is?
    Is it silk?
    Is it nylon?
    Is it polyester?

  2. I think the material is called Jacquard (not sure though)
  3. Hey Bags!! Would it be cotton? Can you describe what the bag looks like?
  4. are you talking about the legacy fabric or the legacy LINING :confused1:
  5. The Jaquard is the signature fabric:yes:
  6. the actual legacy striped fabric.
  7. It's probably poly
  8. Yeah I think it's poly. Soft as silk tho!
  9. Okay, that's what I thought you were asking, but then thought maybe I was wrong w/ the answers. :p Wish I knew, it is really soft though! Maybe an SA will know, or you could call the 800#? The only thing I could find was legacy fabric lining. :confused1:
  10. I'm thinking its poly. it is so soft I thought it was silk but then if it was, they'd probably make a bigger deal of it! I'm doing an E-Bay listing and when I got down to the pull-down menu of what fabric the piece was I did one of these...:blink: should I just choose "Microfiber"?
  11. I use "satiny"
  12. in my description I think I'll say that. But the pull-down menu on E-Bay doesn't have that as a choice. The closest choices are "microfiber", "nylon", "satin" or "other". I guess I could choose satin but what if it isn't? I don't want to be accused of lieing.
  13. I think that description is usually for the outside of the bag.. unless that is what you are referring to... a legacy striped bag on the outside? in that case, I would just put other or something, no biggie.
  14. yeah its one of the little accessories. I guess I'll just say "other".
  15. ^^I think if you say 'other' you can specify what it is later? If you can do that, then you can simply say 'Legacy Stripe' after specifying it as 'other' and Coach lovers will know what it feels/looks like.