Stupid or no

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  1. I put this chain on my mirror ( took off from my mom Dolce & Gabbana bag) its nice but ive been told its ugly even though i love this dolce and gabbana chain!!


  2. Looks a bit "pimp-ish"

  3. see thats what i thought lol its gota go wut am i going to do with it lol
  4. Sort of pimp/gangster'ish to me too, but if you have a style where you can pull it off, it would be cool.
  5. HEY..I think its cool!
  6. IDK. It would distract me
  7. i should send the thing to you lol!! its also like 4 pounds so it cant be worn as a necklace or anything!!! or could it?
  8. I hate ANYTHING hanging from my rear view mirror. It's bad enough I have that stupid red "siren" looking thing like you do on the bottom of my mirror. It pisses me off how it's not necessary to have made it that big! haha
  9. Hey what the heck, I think you might have fun with it, after all, you are from NJ!!
  10. umm i dont get that?
  11. It'

    To each his own, but I would definitely wear some protective headgear, just in case you get in an accident and the chain takes aim at your head.

  12. how obtrusive is that thing i want it removed it looks like a clown nose!!
  13. lol, I dont like it but I dont hate it... KWIM?? I DO know where youre coming from with the idea tho... you saw it and was like "this would make a hot rare view mirror thing" sometimes it looks better alone than actually on the thing..

    I dont get the Jersey thing too, and im from NY.... :shrugs:
  14. Is it long enough to be used as a belt? It'll look cute on a long sweater.
  15. its a hott piece from dolce and gabbana but its heavy as f$2k so its kinda useless now!

    p.s she's just jealous lol