stupid newbie question

  1. hi everyone!

    i'm new to the whole wonderful world of B-bags/expensive bags in general. I'm just starting out and i've mostly only spent like $150 tops on a bag (but i do have SEVERAL of them - like over 30!) but i think i'm ready to make the leap! but my only condition is IT MUST BE AUTHENTIC!! i've loved the B-bag for the longest time - and i think a black one will be a good first purchase. I've been browsing the forum, just had some questions -

    1) what is the difference between the "First" style and the "City" style? - i know that i want a fairly big size - i think the medium will do me well, and i want it to fit over my shoulder (non-messenger style) looking at pics of all your lovely bags - i see the weekender is way too big and so is the "day" style (i really hope i'm not insulting anyone with my lack of terminology)

    2) any tips for a newbie? i'm desperately waiting for the authenticity forum to open up again so i'll know to avoid those nasty fakes!

    i love the purse forum!!
    angie :love:
  2. Hi, I can't tell you anything about B-Bgas, but can tell you that this B-Bag Forum DOES have an authenticity thread.
    There's an Authenticate this! sticky provided in here specifically for B-Bags ;)
  3. sounds like you would like a city. or maybe a twiggy? there are plenty of pics around here for you to look at! also, you can look in achtung, balenciaga for authentic ebay listings and other information on places selling authentic bags (and i think there is a link to a black city in there right now). good luck and be careful, these bags are addictive!!
  4. Welcome, it's true they are addictive. City sounds good for you, twiggy as well. If you can go to a shop and try them on.
    It is I think the best thing to do for your first b-bag a nd you're shure to get the real thing!

    Have fun!
  5. I would agree with catcat, find a retailer near you and go play. I thought and First and City would be big but they turned out to be much smaller.

    Also, see if it is OK with the store to try the bag on without the stuffing inside, it makes a HUGE difference.
  6. hey WELCOME!!! No question is a stupid question!!! for photo references check out the STICKIES that are at the TOP of the Balenciaga Forum!!! Lots of pics and beautiful colours to help you pick your first b-bag! WELCOME!
  7. also check atelier.naff