Stupid Mistake - Opinions Please!!

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  1. I am reaching out to my PF friends for advice - I bought a Chanel caviar shopper/tote handbag in December. Love the bag and have been using it constantly since received.
    No doubt about its authenticity, I paid Sophie at Etinceler and got the ok. This morning I decided to catalog my small collection of bags (4), serial numbers, price paid, year, value, etc. I looked in this bag and could not believe my eyes! My authenticity card number doesn't match the number in the bag! I am heartbroken as I always pride myself in purchasing a bag complete with card and dust bag/box. I cannot believe I did not look at the card as soon as the bag arrived! I contacted the seller but don't hold out too much hope at either getting a response/or the correct card. The card was pictured in the listing but only the back. I was so happy the bag was deemed authentic that I just assumed the front of the card matched the inner bag number. The bag was previously sold and returned and when I questioned the seller (who does have a return policy, albeit 14 days) why it was returned she said the bag did not fit the buyer's frame. I am now wondering if the previous buyer was smart enough to note the error? The listing did say card included and pictured but never said the numbers matched. I am kicking myself for being so foolish. How important is the authenticity card to you? Sorry for the long tome, thanks for any posts!
  2. hm...
    Since the bag was authenticated as real, I'm wondering why the card doesn't mach with the number in the bag... Maybe the seller got it wrong with another bag's card?
    Anyway, I wouldn't bother too much since the bag is real... But I would have done the same like you and contact the seller...
    How much does it bother you? Can you live with it or maybe give away/sell the bag? Like I said, since it's authenticated as real, I wouldn't worry much about the card...
  3. The card is only important if you plan to resell cause buyers may want that but if you got your bag authenticated you don't really need it. I never have problems getting my bag serviced by Chanel without the card , they never asked. The anal side of me want the card though so I can see why you want it.
  4. I contacted the seller, and she was quick to reply. She wasn't absolutely sure she had it but was looking. I thought the cards could have just gotten mixed up. I don't want to think she purposely only showed the back of the card in the listing. I guess the fact that she did contact me quickly and didn't ignore me is a good sign of her honesty, since I have already left positive fb on ebay and the transaction is now a couple of months old. I guess the authenticators missed matching the card to the bag's tag, too?

  5. I don't think I will be selling the bag, but as you, I am anal about the bags having the complete set and only look at/purchase (prior to this, I guess!:smile:) bags with the card and dust bag. The seller is looking for it, so keep your fingers crossed!
  6. Wish you luck in getting the matching card!
  7. Ok, so the seller has not been able to find the card. She offered to take the bag back, but I have fallen in love with it in the two months, and got it at such a good price that I do not want to return it. As mentioned, I had the bag authenticated by enticeler so I know it's real. I was given a different authenticity card, and I have gone back through the forum and have seen some posts where people said that Chanel can replace a card with another, but of course, the numbers won't match. Could this be what happened to me? If so, can Chanel confirm the bag that the second card would be for?
  8. Keep your bag. Chanel won't issue you another card but one is not needed for spa anyway. Should you ever sell it (gasp) you have the authentication from Etinceler.

  9. No, I'm sure your seller just mixed up her cards & misplaced it. The only time Chanel will issue a new card is if it is their "fault" ie - they shipped bag to store without the card in the first place. and it would have the same number. This happened to someone on the forum. Her bag was actually shipped to BG without a card (the store didn't misplace it) and Paris agreed to make a new card for her.

    I wonder if your seller still has the bag the card that you received belongs to...
  10. That or the seller sent the card with another bag they sold. I'm guilty if misplacing those but for bags I won't sell. I see even Yoogu's doesn't mark down much for no cards; they really aren't nearly as important as the bag and knowing it's authentic. Hopefully the seller can contact other buyers and see if they have it or seller just lost it, but truly it is the bag that counts the most. Hope it works out for you okay OP. Sounds like you have a really great seller who responds fast and even offering a return and sounds like you really love the bag.
  11. Lallybelle, I asked the seller that exact question and am waiting to hear back. I will keep the bag as I paid half of what two other bags of the exact style sold for (and neither one of them had cards either). I don't know what to do with the incorrectly numbered card, I guess I can return it to the seller if she wants. She sells a lot of things on ebay but not too many Chanel bags so I thought it might be easy for her to trace.
  12. tutu- she has been quite nice about it, given that 2 months have passed since the sale. I could have sworn I checked the card when it first arrived, so I cannot explain at all what happened especially since the card is pictured in the listing (albeit only the back w/o the number). I do love the bag - not one of the most coveted styles but perfect for me :smile:
  13. aww, sorry this has upset you! like the others said, it really is not important to have the card unless you are planning on reselling (and even then, many bags are sold without authenticity cards). I also like to have all my tags, booklets, etc so I know how upsetting it must be! Since you got a great deal and love the bag, just try to enjoy! congrats on your bag :smile:
  14. I'm so glad happy you had a good seller as that really makes things so much easier. Often it's the not coveted styles that we love the most.
  15. I think it depends how much would this continue bothering you and your plans for the future and this bag. I know I could not be without it, sorry I am OCD and anal about my things:/. But I do agree with tutu that if you love the bag and enjoy her a lot keep it, love it and forget about the card:smile: