Stupid me......

  1. Knowing that a lot of you have established a good relationship w/ your SA and some of you even got invited to shows and received gifts from SA, I feel really stupid that I didn't find the same SA to help me with all of my purchases. I was addited to LV since 2004. My collections went up from 3-4 pieces to 20+ pieces in 2-3 yrs....but all my purchases were from different stores and with diff SA....I feel so bad....I AM REALLY REALLY STUPID!!! :crybaby:
  2. ahh i hate to see that sad face! *hug* :heart:
  3. They should have your info. in the system and you may get some updated catalogue or invitation (my friend got an invitation from LV but she bought a lot ) I didn't bought LV that often but some SAs can remember me coz I visit the boutique every week (sometimes bought nothing :graucho: )

    You're not stupid and don't cry!
  4. aw no! you're not stupid!! sometimes you just find a lot of other SA's to be either rude or condescending or just plain idiotic, so you tend to stick with one specific SA instead, and that's how you get in to their good side to get you the goodies! you can never start too late, so don't worry about it! :biggrin: cheer up! *hugs*
  5. You are definitely not stupid!!!! After all, you had the smarts to buy LV in the first place!!!:graucho: Now is a good time as any to start a good relationship with an SA. There's a 100% chance you will be buying LV in the future!! So --- just enjoy all your LVs!
  6. I know how you feel. I've always bought from someone different, most of them I didn't like much. I really liked my last SA, but didn't get her name. *sigh*
  7. You're not stupid!

    I've never met nice SAs so I don't intend to keep going back to them anyway!
  8. Don't feel bad, sometimes it takes awhile to find the right SA.
  9. Hey, don't feel bad- my SA is 2,000 miles away lol
  10. you are not stupid! don't say that!
  11. don't worry about it
  12. awww there's still plenty of LV to be had! you'll find the right SA and be VIC status in no time!
  13. no way! you're not stoopid!!! don't worry, you just haven't found the right SA who'll SEDUCE ya (like beautiful words....darn, I fall for the trap everytime lol)! happy shopping!
  14. I'm sick of the SAs we have at the moment, I just wish my old SAs had not left or been transferred.