stupid me :P

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  1. i was crazy calling all the stores for reissues before, and then failed to locate any brand new ones...and led to my impulsive phone-shopping, which resulted in excessive CHANEL handbags collection, which i literally own 2 of each style..

    sounded crazy right ?? it's because i have waitlisted couple bags with 1 SA, and totally didn't remember i gave them my CC and let them charge-send when it became available, while i was persuaded by my other lovely SA to spend big b4 the price increase...

    so here are the new goodies, but i m afraid i have to return them if no one takes them home xxxxxxxxxxxxxx.... which i hate to do, you know...built up a good relationship with SA and all of a sudden just say "oops...sorry i actually ordered the exact same stuff from another SA" ..... argh !!!

  2. Very Nice!
  3. Beautiful! They wrapped them up so nicely, too! I looove black on gold!
  4. Is that the jumbo? Awesome new purchases!
  5. *
    yup;.. i loved how the wrapped !!!! and i saved all the wrapping papers :smile: so that whoever takes it home got the same pretty pacakge !!!!!:yahoo:
  6. Yes, it's the Jumbo and 2 medium/large classics!!
  7. Beautiful bags....Of course, I have been known to buy multiple bags of the same style ( in slightly different color / hardware combinations). So, it is hard for me to find fault in multiple purchases of the same bag...hehehe. But I understand your situation of returning...maybe you could say you found out your " boyfriend, husband, other" got you one early for Christmas, etc., so you must return the extra bag.....a little white lie to avoid an uncomfortable issue with your SAs.:angel:
  8. Ooooh, I love the Jumbo!

    Hope that your other Classic sells, good luck! It's such a great versatile style. I understand what you mean about not wanting to return, it's so hard to find an SA that you ahve a good relationship w/.

    Overall, you have some great taste!
  9. I would simply return them to the store if it were me. Your financial status is far more important than an s/a's commission IMO. I find too many of us push the loyalty threshold, placing our budgets in jeapordy as a result (by selling off brand new bags at a loss). Just my honest .02 (as usual!).
  10. I agree with Roey, i would send one back and buy another bag.
  11. It does not hurt posting in the WTS thread since a tPF could get the bag at the old price. If that does not work then you will just have to return and let them know you ended up with two bags.
  12. Gorgeous!!!

    ((Oh! I did order some from Saks though, why didn't I get the nice wrapping thing :hrmm:))

  13. Beautiful packaging, i'm impressed :tup:

    i would say return if it doesn't sell at WTS, good luck :heart:
  14. Beautiful bags!I perfectly understand what you mean by finding a good SA-so hard as it is for many of us!lol!
    Well I perfectly agree with Roey it's our money after all:yes:, but I would use Purrrfect's advice too ,just not to spoil a good relationship-you'll always need them in the Future hehe!...;)-
  15. congrats, I have the Jumbo too, just gorgeous!!

    Btw, what's WTS?