1. All right, I feel reaaaally stupid, but I have to ask 'cause so many people have them.

    What are "purse bans"?

    I just know it's something I could have figured out myself, but...I can't. Haha.

  2. Oh, its when they stop purchasing purses for a certain amount of time, so they are banning buying purses. :smile:
  3. You have to restrain from buying bags for X days/weeks/months/etc...
  4. Thanks. I thought it might be along the lines of that, but I couldn't imagine why someone would want to stop buying purses! Haha.
  5. No one WANTS a purse ban but it's either imposed by themselves (VERY unhappily) in order to eat and have a roof over their head OR imposed by their husbands (which makes a person even MORE unhappy) in order not to get a divorce!!!