Stupid kids made me fall today!!

  1. Owwwww :crybaby:

    I ride the train to my Uni everyday and I have to walk from the trainstation up a ridiculously steep hill to my Uni. Well, today there was a mass exodus of children coming out of the train since today is their first day back from easter break. I was walking up the hill in a big crowd, and all of a sudden two boys go running through and make the girl behind me fall, apparently out of reaction she grabbed on to my bag and pulled me back and I fell directly on my back...Knocked the wind out of me, nearly BROKE my shoe, twisted my ankle...and skinned my elbow :sad: I feel like such a little kid now with a big ole bandage on my elbow

    I have been having small contractions since then, but after a visit to the doctor at our Uni he said to wait it out since everythnig looked alright and to head to my OBGYN after my two lectures.

    Stupid kids! And nobody even stopped to help me up. God, you see a big fat bloated pregnant woman and you don't even help! Ruuuuuuude:cursing:
  2. Oh I'm sorry for what happened to you! I'm sure it hurted you so much! Get well!
  3. Omg, how rude of them not to help you up! Are you and bub ok? Did they apologise?!?? I really hope it's nothing serious!! *hugs* I say you need to put your feet up and pig out on some chocolate! :yes:

    I myself try to stay away from schoolkids around about the time school finishes. Especially the ones with huge bags that go around knocking everyone out without realising it.
  4. OMG that's horrible!!! i'm glad you weren't hurt badly!!

    not amused with the kids..... =P
  5. So sorry to hear this, but so glad you are OK! And I can't believe someone didn't stop to help you.:sad:
  6. I am feeling fine and baby is being active. I freaked out afterwards and poked my belly a few times just to make sure she was still there. She gave me a few strong kicks back....I have already called my midwife because of the contractions and I have got an appointment with her at around 3pm (It is 11.30am right now here in Germany) and she said that she will do a pelvic exam, hook me up to some monitors and do an ultrasound...She even promised to do a 3 or 4 D while she was at it :biggrin:

    I am not really sure if the kids realised they knocked more than one person down...They just kept running and laughing. Stupid kids.

    Other than that, I am okay. My hands, elbow and back are a little scraped and my shoe needs to be repaired (need to hammer one of the little metal thingies back in that holds the leather to the shoe). I am just glad I didnt rip my clothes!!
  7. Oh dear...

    Glad you and the baby's okay. But bummer on the scraped arms and elbows. Hope you feel better soon! :flowers:
  8. I hope everything is okay and I'm sorry about the kids. You would think that one of them would have helped you up at least and apologized. People have no manners nowadays.
  9. Oh dear! I'm so glad you're alright.. I don't understand though. Were these kids not chaperoned by an adult?! And if the adult couldn't control them running much, the least he/she could've done was to make sure you were all right! :cursing:
  10. Damn crazy whipper snappers!!! Well, they are kids, but it sucks that they didn't have the manners to say they were sorry and help you up....or that anyone didn't help you up.
    The gf and I were swinging at the park and this little kid kept getting really he was trying to play chicken with us. I kept telling him "you should back up, you're gonna get hit" but he kept inching closer then ran between us. All the while, his mom was yelling from the sidelines. I was perfectly fine with him getting hit. Maybe next time he'll learn not to do stupid things around swings, and his mom would actually get up off her ass and discipline her child instead of yelling empty threats from 20 feet away.
  11. Sooooo, had my appointment and all and I'm done before 3pm! Gotta love how fast times goes when you skip a class ;)

    The baby is fine and is active as can be. Aaaaaand, the best part is...I got to have a 3D ultrasound!! I got 4 pictures and Bart is scanning them in for me now. Her little smooshy face is so cute!

    I cropped my name out of these (I didn't in the others) because they've got some sensitive information with it (like my Insurance number, etc). I'll also post these in my pregnancy thread :biggrin:

    Thanks again everyone for your well wishes! I really appreciate it :heart:
    3d1.jpg 3d2.jpg 3d3.jpg
  12. glaid your ok, i didn't know you were pregnant, gongrats! How rude no one came to help you!
  13. Whoa! That 3D ultrasound is cool!
  14. Firstly, I am sorry that happened to you, but glad you and baby are ok. Good thing you fell backward, falling at all, esp. when one is pregnant is not good, but hopefully you know what I mean. I don't think kids should be running like that, since when are they excited to go back to school, anyway? ;) Secondly, that u/s photo is so cool. I am not much older than you, but my u/s pic. is in my baby book and you can barely see me, it's so blurry. It's amazing what they can do now. Take it easy today. :smile:

  15. They are cool! It's really weird to see on the screen...She was doing like a whole panorama thing of my insides. Craaaaaazy!!