stupid inseam question

  1. Really stupid question b/c I'm not sure what the term refers to.

    If I ususally wear a 32 inch inseam in pants that fit at the hip, can I pull off a 30 in. inseam in hip-huggers? Or is the inseam the same in both pairs of pants (e.g. does inseam" mean we are measureing the inner leg).
  2. You would wear the same inseam in both. The inseam is measured from the crotch, down the inner leg to the hem & of course the crotch will be in the same location with both pants. The difference in the pairs will be in the waist & rise. Hope that helps!
  3. It does help! Thanks!
  4. YUP !!! Your inseam will always be the same (unless you shrink or grow taller;) ), but the rise on the jeans can vary