stupid fedex...

  1. got the email notification for my shipment on the 2nd. all weekend and earlier today, it said it was set to be delivered tomorrow. now it's saying it's not set to be delivered until the 7th...

    i know it's coming from another store, since the package is JUST NOW being picked up in illinois. but still...don't let me track it until the package has been picked up- coach should know there are lots of hopes in that little box!

    but it's such a bummer, especially since i have class late on wednesday. and i have NO idea why this is making me so sad! :sad:
  2. Hang in there. My Coach purchases have almost always gotten to me a day earlier than what the fed ex tracking says. And I am in CA, stuff usually coming from Florida.
  3. mine normally do, too. but it's saying it just got picked up tonight from way it'll get here tomorrow.

    i'm NOT patient...
  4. i'm so sorry kallison..i know that feeling of excitement when awaiting a package from's all i can think about until i hear the delivery truck!!! hang in there, maybe just maybe it will arrive sooner???
    i'm also in california and when ordering from florida my packages have always seemed to be here sooner than i expect them

    oh and BTW... whats comming??!!!
  5. ^my large carly in khaki sig/chambray and my replacement legacy leather framed french purse in black.

  6. well no wonder your sad......:crybaby:
    of course this goes without saying...
    post pics as soon as you receive!!!
  7. i will! i bought pretty much sight unseen...and still not 100% sure i'll like the khaki sig carly, but i wanted that blue! i wera so much dark stuff that i know i need some color!
  8. i'm waiting on the khaki signature carly with the angora trim myself
    although i'm still not sure of the carly altogether ... i'll wai to see it IRL in a few weeks at the boutique
    BTW kallison....i know you returned the punch tote..any regrets???
    do you still have the accessories?
    i adore that pink and bought the wristlet and the the wristlet but not 100% sure of the demi because it;s so small
    just wondering
    take care
  9. i love the shape of the carly, love the size. but i wanted color, so black sig was out. and i LOVED the parchment leather, but i WILL ruin white. so i opted for the chambray, though i'm not too fond of the signature in the carly (at least the khaki). we'll see!

    no regrets on returning the punch tote. i loved the color, but the straps would have gotten on my last nerve- i wanted a shoulder bag and it just wasn't a comfy fit for someone my size. no use in keeping something that isn't practical. BUT, i kept all my accessories and i love them to pieces- they're so cute!!!
  10. this has been fun.... kind of like our own little coach thread tonight!!!
    it must be late where you are yes??!!! i'm in calif and almost 10pm
    gosh how time flies when posting about these bags!!!! so much fun!!!
  11. I'd be bummed too! I hate waiting another 24 hours when you have your heart all set on the day of arrival! My punch demi finally shipped so hopefully it'll be here before this weekend. I do wish the tote would be available in a larger size. I'm not going to bother ordering the punch tote because I want it to fit on the shoulder too. Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing your Carly! I like the Chambrey.
  12. nearly 1am here...and i need to be on campus at 8, then i have a break until 2:30pm-how stupid is that?!
  13. i just ordered something as they email you when the item ships? i'm paranoid it won't get to me...
  14. I always got emails when my items shipped. It should get to you just fine. What'd ya order???
  15. awww kallison its ok. i know i would be really upset and bummed out if that happened....once you get your bag youll feel so much better.