Stupid FEDEX came a day early and I got.......

  1. :busted

    OMG, DH was leaving for work and I was on the comp and all of a sudden I hear this "TRACY" in a real low mad tone. :cursing: I sorta cringe cuz I instantly know that the stupid fedex man came early. Oh crap! SO I answer "yes dear??" Then again is comes "T-R-A-C-Y!" AHHHHHH! I get up and go to the door and there is a HUGE box (totally know it's Coach w/o seeing the label) and then a small box from Gevalia Coffee. DH hands me the big box, I throw it aside then he hands me the small box and goes "WHAT DID YOU ORDER?". I say "coffee" and then I say "dangit, why did they send this coffee to me, I suspended this order?"

    That didn't work! Anywho he was mad and asked me why in the world I bought another purse. My reply was cuz I sold all my other Coaches so I didn't have one and it was on sale for 25% off. Well he said "that's what you keep saying, whatever" and then left. SO not sure how bad I'm in trouble if at all............we'll see when he gets home.

  2. oh so anywho, it was my black leather carly that I'm gonna trade in for the chocolate when it comes out and there was also supposed to be signature cleaner in there but there wasn't so I called 888 and they are gonna send one out to me - so crap another package is gonna come from Coach next week!
  3. Wow. It's on days like this I'm glad to be single. (Well a little.) :p
  4. Welcome to my world!!! I used to leave work early when I knew that I would be getting a package to get home before my husband…that doesn't work anymore because he's decided to start going into work earlier so he could leave earlier!
    Hope you aren't in too much trouble!
  5. hehehehehe...that's a universal story! Thank goodness I don't order, I just buy from the boutique or outlet. That way I can just come home and put it away in the closet. By the time I actually wear the bag, my DH doesn't know I just bought it...he just thinks it's one of my old bags.
    That being said....PICS PLEASE OF THE NEW GOODIE!
  6. Yes now that we have a Coach store in my state I can do the same. If I have to place an order I do it at the store and have it delivered to the store!!!
  7. :roflmfao: yeah I can picture that at my house too. DH usually gives me a look and asks if I have something to tell him just to test and see if Ive done anything :sweatdrop:
  8. well I usually go to the store to buy but they were sold out of this so I had to order it. I even asked the SA to ground ship it so it would get here when he was at work.
  9. :roflmfao:

    My hubby just shakes his head and moves on...

    We have a mutual agreement that he doesn't mess with my addictive hobby and I won't mess with his.

    Fair enough. :p;)
  10. i had to chuckle at this.. i have ran into similar problems at home! luckily, most of the time the packages come while he is busy. his office is in the basement, so if he's down there, I am safe LOL He is medically retired from the Army and I am a housewife, so we are both home all of the time. Kinda hard to get away with anything with us both together all the time!

    anywho, good luck with it. i am sure he will get over it. just stress the bags you sold.. that's what I do!
  11. SO happy I don't have one of those husband thingies anymore!

    Then again, it sure would be nice to spend someone else's money for a while!

    Make him a great dinner tonight and you will have to be the dessert...what dessert hasn't he had in a while? hmmm....that should work.:wlae:
  12. Same Here, Actually, I think he likes it when I get a package in the mail, it helps ease his guilt over all the "crap" he buys, lol.
  13. Make sure you're totally naked and wearing the purse when he comes home and then say "how do you like it now......?" :devil:
  14. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
    "husband thingies" LOVE IT!
  15. I'm sure he'll come around. I like Donna's idea of dinner and a special dessert. hehe. Of chourse he'll see right through your scheme, but hopefully he will play along :sweatdrop: