Stupid Ebay Selling Question

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  1. Ok I'm thinking about selling on ebay. But I have a question the end of the tax year do they send you stuff to file & if they do how easy is it? I'm sorry if I may sound stupid but I like getting money back at the end of the year & I really don't feel like owing. Thanks in advance.
  2. no, at least I've never gotten a thing from them.
  3. Good question. I'm sure some of the avid Ebayers out there would know. I don't think it counts on your taxes though (unless maybe you have a store).
  4. oh really..thanks. My mom kept saying that I would be nailed on my taxes if I sold on ebay. Ans no it wouldn't be a store or alot of things..just a few things around the house that I'm not baby items. How long have you all been selling?
  5. I have yet to sell anything on ebay. I have tried and failed with one item, but I may relist it. I had a few watchers, so I'm pretty sure I'll try again.
  6. I've been selling on Ebay for years & I've never been taxed. I don't have an Ebay store though. Many people do it as a legitimate business & do charge sales tax for buyers & file tax returns on it but most are just people trying to pass on stuff they don't want (& have already paid taxes on it when they originally purchased it)
  7. I've ben selling on eBay for about 5 years and I've never declared anything.
    I think if you tax people that live in your state maybe there's something to that . . . I don't do that though.
  8. I've been selling on ebay for 9 years now (geez - seems like yesterday I signed up!) and have never taxed or been taxed. I don't know how they could anyway -- I'm not a business, just selling a few odds and ends occasionally and often times, I lose money. But, I make more selling on ebay than I would in a garage sale, so I do.
  9. If you do it as a business you are supposed to pay taxes like any other small business owner. Ebay does not keep track for you--you would have to do it yourself, as if you were selling at flea markets or something like that.