Stupid buyer questions - How to answer?

  1. Hi Everybody,
    Perhaps some advice on how to handle stupid questions?

    I just got a buyer question about an item I'm selling. The question is "Why are you selling this for $45 + shipping when you can buy it in the store for $35?

    Clearly the answer is BECAUSE I CAN! :cursing: Hello, it's called capitalism. Supply and demand, people! Someone was absent for Econ. 1!! What kind of answer could he possibly be looking for? Why pick a fight with a complete stranger?

    Arrggh..Apologies but I had to vent. Lucky for him, I'm an adult and I just hit delete. Anyone else have this type of experience? How to handle stupid questions? This inquiring mind definitely wants to know.

  2. Unfortunately we all get ridiculous questions and you did the right thing to delete it. However, I have in the past responded with something along the lines of, " If you have seen the item elsewhere for less may I politely suggest you make your purchase there. Thank you for showing so much interest in my auction".
    I'll sometimes add their name to the block bidder list too that way I don't have to deal with them again.
    It's just a pain to have to read these emails!
  3. You did good on deleting it! lol! You should have said, " I am sorry but that's what I believe teh price should be, thank you."
  4. I feel u on this! There are certain things that cant be found in certain small cities !!
  5. :yes::yes: She's stupid & jobless cow! She doesn't know what she's to do so she try to email sellers with stupid question
  6. Everyone wants a bargain! They don't understand you have fees to pay! If she can get the item cheaper elsewhere then go there! So silly!
  7. Be patient
  8. im with westie girl. be very polite, or delete it. just make sure you don't have the box clicked to show that question on the bottom of the auction page!
  9. It irks me. I've recieved questions like that too. Just ignore them. Some people just have too much time. I choose to spend my extra time on purse forum instead. =P
  10. Yes, people ask stupid questions. Usually I just hold back and answer. You never know -- this person could become your best customer in the future! It often pays to be nice even if the person asking is a complete doofus!
  11. salerno, I had the same thing happen to me this week where a buyer told me they can find the purse I was selling cheaper elsewhere on sale. I told her I didn't buy the purse on sale & could sell at whichever price I wanted & the funny part is I sold it at the higher price. I wanted to send the person an email saying, see I sold it, but I didn't :cursing:
  12. I think the real question is why would someone buy something on eBay when it's cheaper in the store and no shipping charges?
  13. Generally speaking, I think people are willing to pay more when they don't have the stores near them -- they may live in a more rural area. Or they might live overseas where the products are not available. And sometimes, if an item is sold out, people are willing to pay a premium for it.
  14. if someone tells me they can find whatever i have cheaper i usually say "oh xx has it for xxx? that's fabulous! that's even less than i paid! i hope you get one! have a great day!"

    or "maybe you should buy a bunch and resell them then!" ok, maybe i don't send that one. tee hee
  15. I tend to take a very polite, incredibly neutral tone and reply to the effect of 'thanks for your message, I am sorry you feel my auction is overpriced, but I considered all the variables when deciding on pricing for this item and think I am being fair. I wish you all luck in finding an alternative'. It doesn't take a moment, I retain dignity and dialogue is closed - works for me!