Stupid Bluefly!

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  1. Okay...I received my Spy hobo today...and the zipper pull is not even attached to the bag. To make matters worse I can't seem to find the piece that must have fell off in order to fix it:evil: :cry: Its such a great bag and I'm really sad to see it go....I really hope the other two bags I ordered that are coming this week are nothing like this quality wise:cry: :cry: :cry:
  2. :[

    Sorry to hear that! I know in a different thread you were so excited it was coming today. Hope the others dont disappoint you.
  3. I'm sorry to hear that NOriko. Did you call them and let them know what happened?
  4. i'm so sorry you seem to be having such bad luck with fendi :sad2:.......hopefully you can fix it or bluefly has another one they can replace it with...
  5. yikes.. return it and get it from store..
  6. Wow, that's terrible, Noriko! I'm expecting a bag from Bluefly this week, not a spy, though. Maybe you can send it back and they can fix it????
  7. Oh no!

    Can you bring to a Fendi store to have the piece replaced? They won't know that you bought it off of bluefly. I've had random piece replaced by Gucci before at no cost.
  8. wow
    I'm sorry it turned out that way for you. :sad: Bluefly should get their act together!
  9. Thanks everyone! I sent them an email and let them know what happened since they are closed right now :sad: I am really hoping that the other bags I have on the way are NOT defective in any way. This is very disappointing! I hope they dont expect me to pay the return shipping charges....
  10. ekek! thats so stink! keep us up to date on what happens!!! ***hugs***
  11. Aw, what a rip ! You have the worst luck with spy bags.
  12. ^^^I know, and I have a regular spy bag coming this week sometime...if that one is bad, I GIVE UP :lol:
  13. yup, one time i ordered dior shoes from bluefly and when i got them i swear they looked USED. bleh.
  14. aww i'm sorry to hear that! hopefully they'll pay for return shipping if you want to send it back. what color spy are you getting this week?
  15. Wow Fayden, that is horrible!!!! Was that the last thing you ordered from them?

    Marie, I'm getting the darn brown spy :biggrin: I'm hoping that one is of a better quality...I am soooo sad about my spy hobo!