stupid birkin drama...need some advice...sorry long

  1. I can't believe this, I feel like a little kid.

    We are having some friends and family over Friday, partly for my birthday, partly for my in-laws (just got back from a long trip), partly just because it's been a long time since people have been over, and partly because DH leaves for China in a couple of weeks...

    So, just got out of the shower and there is a howling message on my voice-mail from my sister in law (DH's brother's wife).

    Starts out all chatty, can I bring anything over Friday, what time should we be there, will be good to see G & J (my in-laws)....

    then she adds, like it's an afterthought, "oh, I heard a weird rumor that G & J brought you back a birkin from Paris....I know that can't be true, right? I mean that would be ridiculous...worse, I heard you asked for it. I am sure it's not true, at least I hope not, because that would be horribly rude. It's not about the $, god knows G & J have always been generous with everyone...but....anyway, like I said, I am sure it's just a rumor...just thought you might want to set the record straight. Ok, gotta run, be sure and let me know what I can bring for your big day." And she says big day, very sarcastic.

    OMG! What a :censor: I am seriously fuming!:cursing: I don't even know how to respond to this!

    I am going to the gym, again...if I don't know burn off some of this anger, I am going to say something like...."well, so what if they did, it still wouldn't have cost, 1/10 as much as they spent sending your husband to re-hab, 3 times!! And speaking of rude, can you stop calling G & J everytime you two have a fight. Really, do you think it's helpful to call your husband's mommy and daddy to tattle on a man over 50!!

    :mad: :rant: :censor:

    Ladies, seriously need some calm approiate words, before Friday night turns into a nightmare.
  2. WTH? Who is she to say all these things? It's none of her business whether your in-laws decide to buy you something or not. She's obviously just jealous that she didn't get one. Don't let her get to you. And you don't even need to explain or "set the record straight" ... if anything I suspect she may be the one who is spreading words. Sheesh, how immature!!!

    On the brighter side of things, now you know for sure that it's a Birkin in the box!:nuts: Don't let someone like that ruin your birthday!:flowers:
  3. soooooooooooo, you are getting a birkin! is it the one inside wrapped up?? did she just spill the beans or did i miss something!
  4. Oh dear....that rude message would be enough to send anyone over the edge; I have issues with my SIL too. Vent all you want here, but it's really NONE of her business, and you don't have to even respond to her. Take the high road, look forward to your big day when you can unveil that gorgeous bag in front of her face and just smile sweetly. Sometimes the best response is a big beautiful Birkin!!!! No words needed!!! :yahoo: And yes she will be positively GREEN with envy!
  5. Oh mrsroberts, that's a tough position to be put in. If I'd been confronted like that, I'm fairly sure that there would be some choice words in my head, but in the end, I'd be more likely to look the speaker sternly in the eye and say nothing. Engaging in a catfight that this person seems to be trying to instigate wouldn't be at all dignified. But that's just my humble two cents.

    Not sure that's of any help; whatever you do, especially since you've been forewarned, I'm sure you'll tackle the moment calmly with grace and poise.
  6. Msbroberts, I'm sorry to hear that! First of all, when she comes over on Friday, beat her over the head with your big yellow Birkin! Just kidding.

    Seriously, it is absolutely none of her business. She's simply JEALOUS. Take the high road and just gush over its impeccable craftsmanship and the Hermes heritage. Make no apologies! Good luck!
  7. hmmm, doesn't necessarily mean it's a birkin, but regardless, i would call her back and, in the happiest voice possible, let her know that they did send along a surprise from paris, and you can't see the box as it's all wrapped up but you do believe that it's from hermes and you feel so so lucky and appreciative that they thought of you.
    period, that's it.
    it's the truth and it's all you need to share. nothing pisses off ill-mannered, mean-spirited people like being happy.
  8. someone is JEALOUS!!!!!!!!!!

    i'll strut it more on her face! LOL!
  9. HiHeels, amen!
  10. So it is a Birkin??? :nuts: :yahoo: Leave it to me to gloss over the rude SIL and only focus on the BAG! :lol: Ugh as for the SIL, its just pure jealousy! Do not let her get to you!!! Just smile and say, wasn't it sweet of them to think of me? ;)

  11. I'm all with hi-heels on this one. I'm sure your SIL is just jealous, and by doing this to her (calling her back with your happiest voice and such) will just burn her more :yes: And that would be the sweetest revenge imo.
  12. ok, she's OBVIOUSLY jealous that ur the more favored daughter-in-law! if it were me, i wouldn't even bother making that extra phonecall to reply cause it sounds like she wants u too. responding to her comments would only validate to her what she's saying, no matter how silly it is. i would just ignore the message and concentrate on the excitement of getting something wonderfully hermes for ur b-day this weekend!

    oh yes, and prance around and dangle that birkin in front of her as much as possible! LOL
  13. and if she raises and eyebrow, just be as innocent as possible if she repeats that junk about it being rude, and tell her "all of my friends are REALLY happy for me, not just for the gift, whatever it is, but for having such kind IN-LAWS!!!"
    if she asks: "did you ASK them for it?"
    respond: "do you know anyone who DOESN'T want a birkin?" and then lol.

    vague, you don't have to say more then you're comfortable with.
    good luck - you have my sympathy!!!
  14. ^^ I like this script! Go with it!
  15. That is one rude sil :cursing: Seriously, the nerve of some people:hysteric: I sense she is jealous of you:graucho: Too bad, lol :lol: . MsB just enjoy your bday, no need to response to her rude message. Sometimes silence is the best revenge imo. No need to feed into her ignorant a**. Have a happy bday:yahoo:. You deserve that Birkin!!!