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navy multi pocket or navy venetia

  1. multi pocket, large

  2. venetia

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  1. Ok..this is not an exciting post.
    I just need help on deciding between two purse styles. I love the color navy and like both styles. I have both. Now...which do I get in Navy...a large multi pocket or a venetia......see stupid question. Please help me decide. :heart: mags
  2. I voted for Venetia. I just think the Navy translated so beautifully into this style.
  3. I would get the Large Multipocket. I love the Venetia, but thought this color looked better in the Multipocket. Let us know what you decide! :smile:
  4. aw, I voted for multipocket. I just think this color in particular looks nicer with bags that's not as wide as the venetia like mp small and large, or Blake.
  5. MP all the way! I'm a huuuge fan of the MP, and navy is gorgeous!
  6. You guys are so great to give me advise. This will be the first bag I buy since the whole wallet fiasco. Still no resolution. Marc Corporate is fighting the charge back but I just couldn't let this color go....
  7. I voted Venetia. I LOVE mine and would love to have it in navy.
  8. I voted Venetia... although I love the MP, I think Navy would look great for Venetia.
  9. Voted for the MP, seen both and prefer the navy MP (but only just, the Venetia also looks fab in navy).
  10. I vote Venetia all the way. I have one, and I just love it. And I think it would look amazing in navy!
  11. i say venetia, i like the MP but i saw a pic of a navy venetia and it was :drool:!!!
  12. i gotta say venetia as well... the navy is absolutely GORGEOUS on both though, so either way you're going to be toting an amazing bag:yahoo:
  13. oohh, we're tied now :graucho: hahah
  14. sorry mags, seems like we're no help!!

    get your camera working and post some pics already! LOL..
  15. oh are tied. what am I going to do?