Stunningly Flippant Buyer Now a Seller

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  1. I guess I need to vent!
    I already reported and asked the person who is using my images/text to sell the set I just sold her to not use my photo's and text.
    So I look a day later and she has revised it, she has replaced one of my photographs with one of her own and...put up more of my pictures, she moved the text some. Later she sends me a msg, hey I changed the auction but I like your pictures better. Then she adds I left you feedback, like thats a bribe for me to let her use my photo's. Wow. Um you should leave me stellar feedback I sold you a perfect cool bag and a really good wallet that completely matched with the auction description and shipped them out immediately with messages to thank and update you every step of the way, thats what the feedback should have been for.
    I really dont know what to say. AT first I thought she was just naive or clueless but her response messages were really whiny in a passive aggressive kind of way, flippant and snotty.
  2. Report her butt to ebay!
  3. Oh I did, but they are cripplingly slow to respond(at least it feels that way to me, LOL). I wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt but now I know she actually is an unethical jerk.
    I need to watermark my photos.

    Just read your wish list, new hair is good! I just did new hair and I LOVE it!
  4. You should never have contacted her directly and left eBay to deal with this. Now when eBay remove her auction she will know it was you......whilst this may not bother you now it may if she starts messing with future auctions.

    Copying listings is something that eBay really act upon but you do need to be patient and should always leave this to them to deal with
  5. Watermarking is a must but not always a deterent. It might give them pause. She sounds like a piece of work!! I just bet that once it's pulled you'll get another lovely email from her. Block her and good luck!
  6. What a piece of work, this lady is!! I hope ebay takes down her listing!! Never ceases to amaze me what kinds of weirdos are out there!!
  7. Ebay is awful these days.
  8. OT, but yeah.. I'm so indecisive about my hair!

    But to reiterate what another poster said, do you think she'll know it was you that turned her in? Would she make a big stink over it? Like target your auctions and report them without cause, etc?
  9. I usually disable the right click option on all my listing.
  10. Sorry but don't know what that is or how to do it? I have heard of people immediately removing their pix after their item sold. So many pictures of people's real B bags have been turning up in fake listings lately, it is very scary.
  11. I used to do that too, too much html trouble.
    Then there's screen-capture facility that will override that, so I don't bother with disabling anymore :sad:
  12. wow, we've definitely seen a rise in stolen pics, havent we gooddog? damn, and ebay will be passive about it since now her listing isnt an exact replica. is she using links or did she save your pics as her own? maybe iluvmybags can report this one thru that group she's a part of?
  13. oh my god.. hope ebay will do something abt her:cursing:
  14. some people are just so sorry this is happening, i hope ebay does something about her soon!
  15. I hope Ebay does something about her soon too! I agree, some people are ballsy and too lazy to take their own pictures. Ebay is getting so scary. You never know if you are actually going to get what is in the picture. I've come across numerous listings where it is obvious that the pictures/and or listing is stolen from another seller. I try to report them, but there are just so many!