1. Wow! But look at that price tag...
  2. $1000? Whew.
  3. Out of my budget!! but stunning yes
  4. yeah, and it really is HUGE. that's the one that was in vogue.

    for $1000, though, i'd go for something else...
  5. Um, where's the 1k worth of bag at? That looks just like any other 398 bag.
  6. that's what i think! it's just really gigantic... which i don't think justifies the price tag.
  7. Agreed, not worth the price.
  8. Yeah, way too expensive! I'd rather get an Ergo tote and a hobo for that much money and then have some cash left over for accessories!
  9. Yes, it is a beautiful bag but wayyyyyyyy to much $$$$. I agree it looks like any of their lesser priced bags. For that price I rather get 2 other Coach bags or I could get an LV or Gucci instead.
  10. that is totally on my list, too...
  11. Not enough details to warrant that price! I would much rather a new LV for that!
  12. what a heafty price tag. its a pretty bag, but i definately wouldnt get it for that price though.
  13. I want it.:yes:
  14. That's much more than my rent! Yikes!