STUNNING White Twiggy SB $699

  1. Is it white or calcaire?
  2. It looks too bright white to be Calcaire. I'm pretty sure it is White as the seller says in her description:yes:
  3. I think I was just being hopeful to find the Calcaire. I would actually prefer to find Calcaire or Pale Rose in a First anyway. Thanks!
  4. You're welcome. BTW, the doggie in your avatar is absolutely adorable.:tender:
  5. Thanks! She is a chihuahua/pug mix (hence Chug or Chuggie) that we rescued a few years ago. She is always on my lap (even right now).
  6. AWWWW (almost cuter than the twiggy :p)
  7. Agreed:yes:
  8. so we think this seller is authentic? not very familiar with how to tell whether or not it's authentic..thx!