Stunning size 12 model branded 'too fat' for TV competition

  1. The stunning size 12 model branded 'too fat' for TV competition

    By TAHIRA YAQOOB, for The Daily Mail, 27th November 2006

    I was wondering about the outcome of this contest, and here it is.
    [​IMG] Curvy Jen Hunter and skinny Marianne Berglund

    Poured into a gold swimsuit, "Make Me A Supermodel" winner Jen Hunter looks as if this outfit was custom-made for her.
    But the one-piece triggered a furious row about stick-thin models when her rival finalist Marianne Berglund appeared painfully underweight in the same attire.
    Appearing here for the first time in the outfit which sparked the debate about size zero models, Miss Hunter - who was criticised on the show for being too fat - said: "This is what a real woman should look like.
    "I am all curves and flesh, not skin and bone. Boys, who would you rather snuggle up to?"

    Looking as different as chalk and cheese, the swimwear clings to Miss Hunter's voluptuous curves and reveals acres of cleavage while on clinically underweight Miss Berglund, it shows her protruding hips and ribs and appears to hang off her.

    Barmaid Miss Hunter, 24 - who weighs 11 stone and is a healthy size 12 - was reduced to tears when she was castigated on the reality TV show for not taking a food and exercise regime seriously.
    Judge Tandy Anderson, managing director of Select Model Management, criticised her for having "stocky" legs while supermodel Rachel Hunter, a fellow panellist, reprimanded her for saying she wanted to prove larger women could be successful models.

    Swedish blonde Miss Berglund, 18, who made it to the final with her, was meanwhile praised for having a "sensational" body for modelling despite having a body mass index of 16.1.

    It fell well below the minimum BMI of 18 for models taking part in Madrid Fashion Week in September, set after catwalk model Luisel Ramos dropped dead from self-starvation.

    But mother-of-one Miss Hunter triumphed when viewers voted her to the top female slot in the contest - and claimed she owed her success to her favourite dish of hotpot and chips.
    In a refreshing admission which will have millions of women breathing a sigh of relief - and letting out their stomachs - she said: "It's fantastic to know the public prefer a woman with a few wobbly bits over a stick insect.
    "I am a northern lass - I like my hotpot and my shepherd's pie and I have a very sweet tooth.

    "My wardrobe is stuffed with clothes that don't fit but I scrub up pretty well. I like to think men see me as a yummy mummy."
    Her confession comes after a chorus of calls for the fashion industry to stop using stick-thin and underweight models. Designer Giorgio Armani recently took a stand by banning size zero models from his shows.
    Wigan-born Miss Hunter, who beat five female hopefuls to the top slot after refusing to bow to pressure, claimed her win proved women could not relate to skinny models.

    The divorcee triumphed over eight-stone Miss Berglund - who was dubbed "the walking skeleton" - but was beaten to the overall prize of a modelling contract by a male competitor.

    In a blog diary she kept throughout the show, in which she cheekily gave herself the nickname "fat bird," she announced: "I am doing this for every hardworking single mum and every woman who isn't a size eight or below.
    "You don't have to be a size eight to be beautiful. I am trying to change an industry that is so set in its ways and its definition of what is beautiful. It is so hard and harsh at times.
    "You analyse every step you make, every mouth full of food you take. As long as I am being me, I am not going to regret anything I do.
  2. She's gorgeous.
  3. I can't believe that second pic is real...look at her hip bones! ouch!

    Jen Hunter is really gorgeous, and androgenous girl #2 just gets boring, doesn't it?!
  4. I find that highly disturbing that anyone would call Jen Hunter "too fat". She looks great. Her figure fills out that swimsuit nicely. The other girl's body freaks me out! She looks like she needs to fed through a tube! :wtf:
  5. The skinny one looks a bit like an alien :yucky:
  6. She is not fat. OMG. At first I didn't who you were talking about when you said size 12. Is that EU size 12? Then it would be a US size 8, right?
  7. What's up with the second one's bathing suit? Is it really loose?
  8. I don't even know who she is, but she looks amazing :idea:
  9. yeah that's a uk size 12 so about an 8. i saw a few of the make me a supermodel contestants on the south bank near the tate modern about a month ago including marianne, she was definitely very very slim but that swimsuit does her no favours whatsoever.
  10. I don't think you can trust sizes as has been mentioned before. She actually does look like a U.S. size 12 to me; not a size 8 which would be one size up from me. It doesn't matter either way, just that she looks great as she is.
  11. Hi, I watched Make me a Supermodel inside and out. Jen is such a lovely girl. Rachel Hunter (presenter) said that jen was way tooo fat for modelling.
  12. She's totally beautiful and not at all fat. Not chubby either....not even close. The skinny girl just looks sickly. And that bathing suit does NOT flatter her skeletal body.
  13. the first girl may be *gasp* HEALTHY?!
    guess they can't have that!

    i think she's absolutely gorgeous! and i would much rather see her in that bathing suit than the other girl ANY day!!!
  14. wow shes gorgeaus!! I would love to have that body, and those looks.. shes much more attractive than the other one rughghgr
  15. sadly, jen was booted off. she's got a lovely face... she'll do well if she goes into the cosmetics adverts modelling line.