Stunning Ruby Necklace

  1. Wow...this necklace is so beautiful! No, I didn't make the woman who did is super talented. I love her work - it's a very different style than mine.

    I can't imagine the hours it took to create this! [​IMG]

    "Flip Flop Chain Maille Ruby Necklace"

    And this bracelet is was made for an Eni Oken challenge. If you haven't seen Eni's work head over to her site to check it out...she can do things with wire that I can't believe.

  2. both pieces are gorgeous, but i LOVE the bracelet. :love: they're both so intricate. beautiful. :yes:
  3. Aren't they amazing?!?! I love Eni Oken's work and she's so generous to share her techniques with other artists. I've made a couple of pieces based on her tutorials and they are HARD to do! lol

    And that necklace just looks so luscious to me.
  4. WOW! Megan, thanks for posting this! Her stuff is awesome!
  5. Wow, those are stunning pieces!
  6. The necklace is lovely!
  7. Megan,
    thanks again for posting the link to Eni Oken's site! I bought several of her tutorials, and just finished this bracelet today. Definitely a first attempt, but it still looks good. (I figured out how to do the stone donut one by looking at the pictures she posted, and here's my first attempt at it, too.)

    I highly recommend her tutorials! They have great pics, and very easy to follow directions. And they are VERY reasonably priced!

    Thanks again!
    EniOken-styleBracelet.jpg EniOken-styleDonutPendant1.jpg EniOken-styleDonutPendant2.jpg
  8. Pippi! Super impressive!!! I haven't gotten the nerve up to try any of the bracelets but I did try her ring tutorial. She is great.

    And your pieces turned out fantastic!!!
  9. Thanks! I'm looking for stones to try the Chaos necklace tutorial next. I'm hooked!
  10. Didn't find stones, found handmade lampwork beads instead! I can hardly wait to start on it!