STUNNING! Pale rose shoulder! $699 or BO!

  1. Now that is a gorgeous shoulder. And the price is right too!
  2. Here's a picture from LP's site!!!

    SHOULDER 138226 $695
    (5.5"h x 8"w 1.75"d; 12.5" strap)
  3. thanks zac and ronda, its my auction and it has BEST OFFER...:love:
  4. It is goorrrrrgeoussssssssss - I wish I could but I've gone way over this month. I hope someone snaps this up soon. Love it!:tender:
  5. :heart: Good Luck chauss:heart: ~ some lucky girl will scoop this up!!!
  6. thank you girlie and zac:love: . i posted it with BEST OFFER...........