Stunning Mini Seaton

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  1. I loved my JC zipped bays and still do but I think the Seaton is one of the nicest bags released bt mulberry in long time
    Lightweight, long strap, feet! And pretty roomy for a small and lovely leather.

  2. Wow! Sounds like my kinda bag! Have you bought it, Loveheart?
  3. Yes I did Indi. It’s sitting on my bench at home :smile:
  4. I think I’m smitten! It’s absolutely beautiful Loveheart. And according to the blurb on the website, the interior is lovely too.. none of that pesky microfiber!
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  5. I've definitely got my eye on this one. No room in the budget to splurge on a new bag right now, but I might be poking back around later this year to see how you're liking it.

    Oh, yeah, where are my manners?? The bag is STUNNING. I especially love how the stripes are completely different leathers. So glad you love her, and hope she brings you much joy.
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  6. She’s a beauty. Great size too....reminds a little of the Suffolk in size (?) how are you finding the lock? the colours are beautiful .
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  7. Great bag :love:
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  9. Gorgeous bag ! I saw this bag in House of Fraser and loved it. It looks roomy, yet compact? I was very impressed.
  10. Stunning bad ! Could you please tell me whether it is the mini or the small ?