Stunning Lady Dior

  1. The manager of Dior store in Milan told me : Christian Dior says : - Grey is new black.
  2. :biggrin: that makes my black one obsolete then
  3. That's exactly what my SA told me when I was trying on a pair of Miss Dior peeptoe shoes!
  4. LOL :smile: I guess they all have been told to say so.
    But I love black and grey equally , and I have 2 black Dior bags already , so needed grey one. And advertisement with Marion Cotillard was too good to resist buying it :smile:
  5. Love the pearl accessory on the bag! Stunning!!
  6. So true.... I succumbed to the grey LD too :biggrin:
    It's such a beauty!
  7. i have seen the same in medium size for purple lamskin leather just yesterday, its $9670 singapore dollar in singapore. so i wonder why its only $2,800usd in US? Its so much different ! :sad:
  8. The lambskin Lady Dior in the medium size is $3400 USD, not $2800.

    EDIT: I just checked the Dior Prices thread and it said that the US price is $3600. I'm not sure if it's $3400 or $3600.
  9. Thanks for the quote. Its still pretty cheaper than in singapore. :sad:
  10. I thought it is about the same. A large LD in Singapore is S$5000 and the medium is slightly more than $4000.
  11. this is so pretty!
    I love the charm
  12. Gorgeous!!!

    the lady dior , is my next on the wish list!!!
  13. The last i checked with the sa in singapore on the price for the medium LD is S$4,900 ? I was at the boutique 3 weeks ago
  14. Price increase again? Whats the price for large? I am wondering if I should let go some of my bags, including my LD.
  15. Never mind. I called Dior at NAC. The large is now at SGD5500.