Stunning Lady Dior

  1. My SA just sent me this photo of a beautiful Lady Dior they got from Cruise 2011. I think its so pretty. Looks good in Grey. I think for $2800 Its not bad at all. Thought id share.
  2. thanks for sharing! the color is so pretty!
  3. [​IMG]
    What a drop-dead gorgeous bag!
  4. I love the taupe-grey color! :smile:
  5. OMY i die thanks for the pics!!!!
  6. It's gorgeous!!!
  7. So pretty, the color is amazing!
  8. Beautiful!
    Lady dior is amazing!
  9. That's a gorgeous color. It is a must have!!
  10. Its interesting that this picture was taken inside a Chanel Boutique. lol.

    But a beautiful evening bag none the less, deffinitly outshines the Chanel bags in the background
  11. Gorgeous. Do you mind telling us where your SA is located? Thanks.
  12. This also comes in Black lambskin

    Both Medium and Micro (Mini Evening size)
  13. I have the coral one and she is soooo cute.
  14. stunning, indeed! i saw it in vegas over christmas..:tup:
  15. Taupe color is so beautiful, but I have the coral one and it´s beautiful too.