Stunning Ink Work

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  1. I thought this bag looked slightly more navy in person. Is there a true navy this season?
  2. There is blueberry from pre-fall, which can look navy in low lighting, but a bit brighter, closer to royal, in bright light.
  3. looks like gorgeous leather on this one.
    catcat, is this your auction? good luck :heart:
  4. Everything about this is gorgeous !!!! :nuts: too bad it's not in the city style.
  5. I think Blueberry is more of a navy color
  6. lovely bag .....especially if it were a CITY!!!!
  7. Yes slinks it is. We see if it sells. I really love this color but it's just a little too big. I've gone a little overboard and really need to think more before buying (B-bags are really incredibly addictive) I'm between being very impulsive and totally undecisive.:shame:
    But I know many of you can relate. :lol:
  8. Catcat, it is a beautiful bag. I hope it sells for you. I know all to well about being impulsive and not waiting.
  9. it's gorgeous, good luck!
  10. Catcat, I know what you mean, but sometimes it just takes trying different styles to see what will suit you. Looks like you cared for this one very well.
  11. very very very beautiful.

  12. Thanks didi. It really is beautiful. Yesterday night I had doubts if I should really let it go, because the city I want to get has not so nice leather. Could keep it for travelling or ... hmmm but I just can't keep on hording.