stunning HG, and her buddies (reveal)

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  1. so i found one of my HG's at nordies at the rack and i HAD to get her she was hanging all by herself. it was like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow :nuts: so who wants to see her? after im done with the reveal im going to post collection pics... since it's late though, i'll do my reveal in the morning ;) its bedtime now....zzzzzzz lol
  2. i'm here ds has me up, can't wait to see ur goodies :biggrin:
  3. I'm up too!
  4. i'm here
  5. lol i thought i was the only one up lol
  6. i didnt think anyone would be up, geeze lol, well if u guys wana see i can post now?
  7. i'm here as well! :party:
  8. posssssssssssssssst
  9. Go on us what you got!
  10. so here's the dustbag....lmao

  11. Reveal! Reveal!
  12. any guesses?

  13. take it off! :nuts:
  14. Not the slightest.....let's see more!!!
  15. Show!