Stunning Elle!!!

  1. I :heart: HER!!!
    elle4el.jpg elle25qw.jpg elle37lf.jpg elle48hi.jpg elle51aj.jpg elle63ls.jpg elle78dl.jpg elle83nz.jpg
  2. She's gorgeous and very sweet person. I met her when she did commercial for Western Australia tourism. She didn't act like a big star. She didn''t even have make up on most of the time.She has awesome body.I love her !
  3. Wow! She looks great! How old is she right now? I have no idea!!! I love that first picture and her edgy outfit!
  4. She is 42!!!:amazed:
  5. ^^^ :yahoo: Wow!!! It makes me completely rethink about only men aging gracefully!
  6. She looks just amazing!!!
  7. oh, absolutely. i think she's great. she always look stylish without being over the top - i mean on her off days.
    and yes, for a 42 year old, she is in amazing form.
  8. she looks fab. So tall and perfect figure!
  9. Completely ageless!
  10. she's so beautiful and classy!
    she's one of my favourites:roflmfao:
  11. Beautiful and she looks young still!
  12. She is naturally very pretty. I like the fact that she's low key as well.
  13. she looks amazing!!!
  14. She looks great!
  15. Over the weekend I was freaking out about turning 37 this year.
    If I could look this good at her age, BRING IT ON!

    Note: I can't believe I am almost 40!!!!
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