Stunning Coach Kaffe Fasset Decorated Bags & SLGs...What do You Think?

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  1. I am head over heels...
    This line is supposed to be released September 2019.
    What do you think? Is this for you?
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  2. It looks like the three you showed on your video are on the website now. They are gorgeous, I am going to look into these further too. I believe the Marleigh satchel will be in this floral print as well, I saw another post with some in this style print.
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  3. CS said more is set to be released on 8/1 and my SA says the ones I'm interested in are available to order by 8/4. I've been keeping an eye on dates because I have a 30% that expires 8/7.
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  4. Hi..Yes, the Marlerigh is one of the styles.. I was told there will be other styles and SLGs. I am very excited about this new collection.
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  5. August 1? My SA told me September 1. I hope you are right because I am so excited about this line.
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  6. That's what CS said, and they said was was added to the site a few days ago was part of their "soft opening" for the line. But, it's Coach we are talking about, not unusual to be given 100 different answers to the same question lol
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    I assumed this was only their opening hand. That is why I didn't buy anything. I told my SA I didn't want to regret my sale when new bags were added. She told me not to buy anything now.
    If I learn anything additional I will post it here.
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  8. I've always like Kaffe's style - it just depends on how it's executed IRL. But so far, I'm intrigued.
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  9. Intrigued is the perfect word
  10. I absolutely love the happy colors and I am not even a flowery girl. I promised I would not buy Coach at full price but will make an exception in this case.
  11. Me too! I cannot wait to buy one of these gorgeous bags.
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  12. I am beyond excited for this collection. I have been a Kaffe fan for many years and LOVE his style. I will scrape together every penny I can to buy this collection! This will sell well I am sure.
  13. Hi..I agree and I am trying to do the same thing. I don't think I will buy another bag until I see this collection and purchase at lest one of the bags. It is going to be a long month
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  14. I just happened to be on the site and the shoulder bag is showing only 2 left in stock.
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  15. My SA told me not to buy anything until September...Brand new bags will be released that I am going to want