Stunning 05 turquoise twiggy!

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  1. Edna - it's so cool that you cut to the chase and put the BIN on it ... save people a lot of angst. ;) Good luck! BTW, did you get a Turq '05 City?
  2. god, thats gorgeous
  3. yes, it's beautiful!!!!! my FAVE color!!!!:love: good luck, Edna!!! (btw, i PM'd you, edna, about the error in the description;) )
  4. Sold! To the impulse buyer with the twitchy finger!
  5. Congrats!!! You will LOVE the color!!
  6. Lol! Congrats! It's a beauty!:love:
  7. Nope, I didn't get an 05 Turq City or Work yet. :crybaby:But the Twiggy shape didn't work for me, and plus I have my eye on a red patent leather Chanel tote that I saw in the new NM catalog so I have to clear my credit card balance. :heart:

    Thanks BooYah for alerting me about my auction typo. :flowers: I was up late listing my auctions and must have missed that!

    Thanks to all for the luck. And thanks and congrats, sunspark! You will love it!
  8. Thanks ladies. I've been lusting after the turq lately lol. I have the same season bubblegum pink, and the leather is my all time favorite. Hoping the turq is the same. Looks like it might be:smile:
  9. sunspark, congrats!:yahoo: this has truly been a turq week. i'm sure the leather will be superb!
  10. Congrats sunpark!! That color is TDF.
  11. congrats to both Edna and sunspark!
    the color is fab!
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