1. I am completely stunned today. I just received an alert from eBay about my LV green epi listing and they are saying it is trademark infringement.
    This is total nonsense, I am selling a few bags for an elderly neighbor, she is moving and wants to get rid of a few things. I sold a chanel for her , a gucci and have the LV relisted now.
    I KNOW that these items are authentic , she showed me the receipts and she is very wealthy with a home in the hamptons and NYC. she would not buy counterfeits, in fact she gave me an hour lecture about how terrible fakes are and she would not be caught DEAD with one!!! also i have a clear picture of the bag's serial number which is on the back of the zipper.
    she asked me to sell a few things because she is not familiar at all with computers.
    how is it that eBay can remove a listing of an authentic item? although i have seen posts here that the same has happened to others.
    it's CRAZY!! people worry that ebay doesn't remove the counterfeit listings and her they are giving me a hard time about an authentic item
    I am LIVID , this is so frustrating !!!
    what's also weird is that they haven't actually removed the listing ( i just logged on and answered a few questions from buyers)
    maybe they had an expert check it and then changed the alert??
    if they do remove it, is there any recourse to prove the bag is authentic? she has the receipt from the LV boutique in Nice France.
    The only thing i can think of is that someone emailed me and said it was not a lussac as i had said but a st. jacques style, so i changed the listing title to reflect the change. i don't know enough about this style and i guess i made a mistake identyfing the style of bag. maybe he/she reported it because of this?
    by the way, i don't think there as many fake bags out there on ebay as people think, i believe LVMH or vero removes most of them. if they are removing AUTHENTIC bags, imagine what they are doing with the counterfeit ones.
    does anyone know? if they have not removed the listing yet, does it mean someone in vero checked the serial number and said the bag was okay?
    i am ready to give up on ebay selling after all this, it is TOO stressful
    sorry for the rant
  2. How annoying for you - sorry you have to go thru this. I think if you fax ebay proof, such as the receipt they will relist it.
  3. I feel your pain, I've been selling and buying on ebay for almost 7 years. It used to be fun for me me. ebay is no longer fun. when we have to worry about pissy buyers, chargebacks, negative feedback, paypal, etc....I think the infringement thing will only get worse now that ebay has this lawsuit against them. Good Luck!
  4. I'm so sorry for you. And I find it very surprising since there have been a couple times where I reported blatant fake listings to ebay and they've responded that they did not violate any patent/tm/copyright rules, so they did nothing about them!
  5. thanks guys-sorry i went on and on about this, i was pretty angry
    but--the listing is still there so maybe someone overruled and realized it was authentic or the alert was sent to me by mistake??
    at this point i am totally confused about what happened.
  6. i had the exact same thing happen with a vintage chanel bag. then i tried contacting the vero member to ask what i could possibly to to prove it was authenitc, as i had it authenticated from threee separtate sources, and all they sent me was an email saying if i did relist it, i'd be sued. the bag is totaly authentic, and now i cant relist the auction because im scared they will threaten me. i tryed contacting ebaY, and they just contact the rights owner who sends me prefabricated emails saying i cant sell anything, like an automated email.....i dont know what to do either :sad:
  7. thanks for your thoughts everyone!
    on top of everything, i DID sell the bag the first time i listed it (then it was not removed) but the buyer said after the auction closed that "the bidding got out of hand" and she bid more than she could afford. WHAT?? she should have thought about that beforehand! there were over 20 bids placed for this item and another person could have won the bag. basically she was just trying to weasel out of the deal. then i relisted it and ebay removed it. i wish there was someone there i could talk to about this because i know that the item is 100% authentic. this green epi bag is not the type of thing counterfeiters would copy anyway, usually they copy the mono styles. the serial number too is right on the zipper, easy to check by the LV people.
  8. Can you cancel the "out of hand" bidders winning bid, and then send a second chance offer to the runner up?

    Ebay is getting more and more ridiculous....
  9. Hi! newbie here...:s I justed wanted to say please don't list the epi again if eBay has already tagged you on a trademark infringement and only removed your listing. There is also no VeRO board member representing LV and it won't help to provide them with a copy of the receipt. eBay has gone awry!:cursing: This is speaking from experience, I tried to provide the proof of authenticity to the VeRO on eBay and eBay Trust with the receipt. They didn't even want the PROOF:cursing: I found out the hard way by rewriting my listing and found myself suspended for an entire MONTH! :crybaby: and sitting on the sideline watching a sea FAKES & COUNTERFEITS listed by the hundreds go unpunished while my authentic item was pulled on the same issue "Trademark Infringement" when there was none except the real thing. Thanks for listening!:angel:
  10. ^^^ Agreed, there is NO LV VERO rep.

    It has happened to me too - I think it is about WHAT you put into your auction as far as info is concerned. I changed my listing info and haven't had a problem since.

    You may want to also have it authenticated by caroldiva and put that in your auction listings. Just a thought.
  11. Is it necessary to have caroldiva authentic your item if you actually purchased from LV directly? Or should this apply to items that a seller is representing on behalf? Advice would be appreciated. Thanks!:s
  12. ^^^ No, if you have the receipt for the item, no need to have it authenticated.