stunned at the sale i got on these shoes!

  1. Congrats on your new shoes!!! I live in Charlotte, NC and I am rushing over to the Coplan's at Phillips Place to see if they have any amazing deals left in my size!!!
  2. i can't believe the prices either! 2 CL and 1 GZ for less than one pair of regular CL. i'm still amazed! :biggrin:

    were you able to find them in your size?

    thanks so much! i cannot wait to wear them!

    thanks a bunch!!! hope you are able to find something in your size :biggrin: there were a couple other on sale CLs that i didn't try on in columbia since i'm not a slingback kind of girl. good luck shopping!!
  3. What an incredible find Elle!! I hope you went out and bought a lottery ticket afterward because it was your lucky day for sure!!
  4. No, unfortunately they only had a US8.5 left, but they're gone now too. I did get another email from them today to say they have the Aranea in a 36.5 for $488.99 if anyone is interested.
  5. You are so lucky to found these! Gorgeous all!! Congrats!!
  6. Congrats!
  7. OMG! Unbelievable deal! Congrats. They are gorgoues.
  8. Wow that is an amazing deal..I love the lace ones. I need to have you shop for me :smile:
  9. Wowowow! Beautiful and so jealous!

    And PS GZ were my first ever designer pair and I couldn't say no bc of how comfy they were.

    Congrats on three new gorgeous pairs!!
  10. What a cracking price you got! Even the total price is like the full price of one :woohoo:
  11. i should have! apparently there was a very rare stroke of luck for me that day! :biggrin:

    oh bummer! i'm wearing the pink yolandas today and loving them. did you try contacting the charlotte store?

    thanks so much!

    thank you loubofan :biggrin:

    thanks so much baglady! i know. i haven't seen loubies for less than $200 in my entire life!

    i cannot believe the lucky score on shoes! you know though, i bet if i had been looking for something in particular i would not have found a thing to buy! i haven't worn the lace ones yet but cannot wait since they are so pretty and girlie!! :biggrin:

    thanks a bunch leelee! i haven't worn the GZ's yet but could tell they were crazy comfy when i tried them on in the store. i'm jazzed too that the color is one that i can totally wear this fall/winter still!

    tell me about it! the deal was just SICK! it actually made me feel more sick about the shoes in my closet that i paid full price for! :p i still cannot wrap my head around these 3 pairs being the same as one pair at regular price.
  12. No, I think it was just not meant to be...
  13. Great deals!! Love the vibrant pink of your Yolanda's!
  14. Darn! Too bad we cannot be shoe twins!!!!!

    Thanks so much! I am loving the pink too! I feel like an asian barbie doll when i wear them!! :p