Stumped on Birkin Color...Just Pick Black?

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  1. Hermes does color so well, almost too well, how can an indecisive person choose the ONE right color :shrugs: Did anyone else find themselves "defaulting" to classic black?
  2. my first birkin was the gold with PH. it is a classic color that goes well with everything.

    and black too!
  3. I think a black Birkin is a classic staple but Hermes is ALL about color! They make many colors that do really "act" as neutrals:
    Blue Jean
    Rouge Hermes
  4. I think if you're stumped on color you will never regret getting a black Birkin as your first one. After buying one in a classic color I'm sure your interest in the colors will develop. One way to decide on color is to keep looking at the pictures here in the forum. Good luck on picking!
  5. I'd suggest either Gold or Black for your first foray into Hermes bags. You'll never regret either color as they both go with almost everything you could possible wear AND grow older with you, if you know what I mean.
  6. BLM...did you already buy your black bag? If not...what colors hit you? What do you love? Does color make you nervous?

    One thing I always think of is Hermes doing color so amazingly well...maybe the neutrals can be purchased from another design house. Get all your gorgeous colors first and then come back to black. OK...then I flip flop and say I also need and amazing Hermes neutral.

    I think at times you just need to jump in a go for the ride.
  7. although I would want a black birkin, it is not a default color for me.. probably another bag in neutral color so the brown family is something to consider, especially gold..
  8. KB, no black bag yet. I really love both Rouge H and Gold, I think that I love the Rouge H a little more but the Gold is a little more practical. :shrugs:
  9. hey BLM! my first birkin is black and i LOVE it! i wear it with everything! you can never go wrong with a neutral for your first bag :smile: that being said, eventually i'd love to get another, maybe in gold :smile: or rouge H or a nice blue color. hermes does do amazing color :biggrin:
  10. I have a black Birkin and LOVE IT! I find myself using that above all other colors. It is understated (as understated as a Birkin can be) and goes with everything. Also it has worn incredibly well. It is 2 years old now and the corners are still perfect which cannot be said of lighter colors at times.

    I've regretted other colors but never black. Especially as a first bag it is perfect.
  11. thanks for sharing your experience, gazoo! what color do you recommend next ? :graucho:
  12. leather is a factor in which color you choose. if you are going with box, then black is definitely not a boring basic. and also which hardware are you most drawn to? it's an entire package, so the different characteristics of the bag factor in to your decision.
  13. The only things that gives me a bit of pause re black is that I don't know that I would wear it year around, like in the summer very much, year-round wear is important to me, although I see you're in CA, hmmmm.
  14. Great point HH. If I was completely comfortable with Box for my lifestyle I would not hesitate to get a black one, like G Paltrow's with the gold hardware, OMG, I think it's so beautiful. But I think I should go with Togo or Clemence.
  15. Um for my next color I am actually considering Marron Fonce, Turquoise or Blue Jean which is a HUGE step for me.

    Yes - I live in Southern CA and wear black bags all year round. It doesn't seem to be an oddity either. I've even worn a black bag with an all white outfit, camel color shoes and a black scarf and have received compliments. It all in the attitude and if you love the item, it comes through when you are wearing it.

    BTW, Box for everyday is a bit hard if you live in an area where rain can be sporadic. Talk about panic attacks at the sight of rain drops!