Stumbled upon a large Gucci Boston....

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  1. Green...never thought I would buy a green handbag but, saw this one and it was love at first sight..thought I would share..who in my wildest dreams would I buy green but, once I saw it and tried it on I was in love...enjoy

    p.s. do you think this bag and colour are classic? I love it but, want it to be in style for more than 2 seasons. Thanks
    2006_0816_154719AA.JPG 2006_0816_154742AA.JPG 2006_0816_161311AA.JPG 2006_0816_162546AA.JPG
  2. omg i love it! :nuts:

    from the picture the color looks almost teal...which is one of the best colors ever for a bag IMO. i think it looks very classic and way more unique than the usual gucci bags.
    i also like the bowler shape. where did you stumble upon this bag? congrats!!
  3. It's gorgeous! Definetly a classic purse and the color is TDF!
  4. Love it!
  5. Never ever would I think I'd say a Green Bag is gorgeous.....BUT THAT GREEN GUCCI IS GORGEOUS!!! I only have ONE Gucci....My Puppy! But I wouldn't mind another in green.
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  6. That bag is beautiful. Buy it now!!!
  7. The only color as versatile as black or white is green . Love it .
  8. :nuts:That is one HOT bag!!! You made a good choice!!! Enjoy it!:wlae:
  9. Gorgeous bag, I love the green
  10. love the colour :yahoo:
    great bag :smile:
  11. So Hot!
  12. Super cute puppy!!!!!

    Thank all of you super stylish Gucci lovin ladies:flowers: for your wonderful comments. It reassured me that I made a good decision. Green was going outside of the box for me but, I am glad that I did it. I appreciate this forum because it helps me with my purchases. Before going to look at handbags I read a lot of the threads and I think about what I like and what I needed rather than strictly buy on impulse. This way I can expand my collection and have a variety of looks. Thanks again guys!!
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