Stuffing your Fendi?

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  1. I have a great Fendi Sellaria bag that I just love but the leather is so soft and supple that if I don't have filling it just falls over onto itself.

    Does anyone stuff their Fendi's and if so with what?
  2. I stuff my SPY bags when they are not in use. I usually stuff a plastic bag full of paper and then tie the bag. This way I have "stuffing" ready for my SPY and I don't have to deal with five million pieces of paper if I want to stuff it.:idea:
  3. Irene that is a really good idea!
    maxter your bag is GORGEOUS!!!!
    The only Fendi I have has Zucca canvas and holds it own shape really well. However, with my other bags I stuff my dust bags inside. They seem to work really well.

    ETA: maxter - seriously cant stop looking at the color of your bag **drools** :tender: :girlsigh: :heart: :love:
  4. LisaG719 Thank you for the nice compliments on my bag. I always like something a little different and this color just spoke to me. It has been a great bag for the summer. I will be sad to put it away for the fall!

    My issue is that I have to stuff the bag when I use it. I know it sounds weird but otherwise it looks too deflated. I don't have too much inside: wallet, makeup, checkbook, phone and it is a fairly large bag.
  5. I like it when my spy looks deflated and slouchy when I use her. I also sometimes carry my spy bag on the shoulder that is also one of my reasons why I can not stuff it.

    When I am not using it I like to stuff my spy so it will hold it's shape.
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