Stuffed Grape Leaves ~~ Dolmathes ?

  1. I Love these... They are one of the foods that I never get tired of eating... My DH hates them.. and every other friend I have had try them thinks they are disgusting..

    Do you like them?
  2. Dolmades in Greek and they make them in Romania and lots of other places too. I LOVE THEM. When we lived in Ontario we could get the grape leaves fresh to make them at home with the fresh young leaves. However, the bottled leaves work just as well. My favorites are the combo meat and rice with a lemon dill sauce - and served HOT...

    It's my 11 year old's FAVORITE dish! He requests it for his birthday!
  3. i LOVE them and buy them when I see them. my dh thinks they are gross_ what does he know!
  4. Being Greek, I LOVE THEM!! We make them whenever we get fresh grape leaves. Our whole family loves them...especially with the egg/lemon sauce :yahoo::yes::yes:
  5. They really don't appeal to me, and when I get the chance to eat greek there are just too many other things to nosh on! OPA! Saganaki, spanikopita, tyropita, gyros, roast chicken with potatoes, sauteed octopus, and brown butter w/ mizithra pasta! Oh how I miss greektown in Chicago!
  6. Ooohh! Yum-aldee Bum-baldee! I love Dolmas! I buy them all the time from Trader Joe's. They're sooooo good. I love anything Greek...including the men!:upsidedown:
  7. I LOVE them.

    I love almost all Greek food! There's this thing (don't know what it's called) that's like shepherd's pie with eggplant and ground meat in a tomato sauce with a feta mashed potato crust on top. It's soooooooooooo good!!!!
  8. As far as I know, there's no potato on top. It's a type of bechemel topping. That is called moussaka, right? Or am I getting it confused now? (I'm quite tired!)

    BTW, to the above poster. I miss ALL the ethnic foods of Chicago. I've lived in philadelphia and now the DC burbs since then and NOTHING compares to the food scene of Chicago except NYC. We would hit the Polish area, Italian area, Chinatown, Thai areas, Greek and there is a WONDERFUL Romanian place... GOSH I miss it so much!!!!
  9. ^ It's slightly different than moussaka. I ordered moussaka at a Greek taverna and they brought me this other dish by accident. They made a huge deal about it and gave me the meal for free, but it was SO good. I wish I knew what it was called!
  10. mmm.. I love them. My mom knows how to make them and they are the best. I want some now.
  11. I had stuffed grape leaves once, I am not a fan.
  12. Oh my god, so delicious. I need to go out and get some :smile:

  13. Yum! lemon dill sauce... love it!
  14. I don't think that I have met a Greek food item that I haven't liked....just finished up some tiropita from the annual Greek festival--so good. I also bought some frozen spanakopita and moussaka. One of my faves is the greek sausage--luekoniko wrapped in a pita with tzatziki and tomatoes.