stuff to stock up in Europe

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  1. Hi all-
    I'm going to Spain for 3 weeks and I was just wondering if there was anything i should be stocking up on while I'm there? help!
  2. I'm not sure about cosmetics but i do know that Zara and Mango clothes are cheaper over there than in England. Oh, and they have nice leather goods too. I bought two really nice bags when I was there.
  3. Topshop :biggrin:, oh and Nivea, I dont know if you guys have nivea over there, maybe lush too?
  4. Lancome has different gloss colours in Europe, so I always try to breeze through and see if I notice any different ones.

    Oh, Guerlain, and other European based lines really do keep some stuff at home. Whole lines (of which I am unfortunately addicted!) can only be found there and online :graucho:

    One of my fav things to do is swing through Printemps and the like to see if they are having a beauty event while I am there. If they do, I will schedule something to have my face done and grab some of the cool stuff they use. Fun, pampering, and unique! :nuts:
  5. Angelfish - What is Printemps? I've never heard of them?

    Venetia - yes, we have nivea and lush too!

    Any other goodies? I know that Europe has products with higher SPF than we do, any other specialties?
  6. ^^ Printemps is a department store in Paris.

    I'd recommend you go to "El Corte Inglés" (big department store, some of them include Gucci, LV, Hermes, Carolina Herrera -accesories, the Spanish love them!!!-, Loewe - great bags -, etc). There you can find from clothes, bags, make up to good food!!! :tup:
  7. I like french swiss german baby products. I use german Penaten baby cream as body lotion, very nice, I like the smell. And also I like Loewe bags!
  8. Actually most things are more expensive in Europe, so I'd only buy LE stuff or things you can't get in the US

  9. I second that! El Corte Inglès is great.
  10. Avene skincare
    Bioderma H20 cleansing water
    Vichy skincare
  11. It depends where do you go in spain.
    i moved recently to south of spain and i think the make-up selection is not as good as any other big cities in Europe.
    what for sure true is:Zara and Mango are the cheapest here, as well you can find good quality of hand-made leather goods.
    Have fun in Spain!
  12. La Roche Posay 50+ Anthelios XL TINTED visage -I wear it every day - beautiful sun kissed tint and amazing protection for your face. I buy it every time I go to Paris and can't get enough - MUCH cheaper and stronger than you can get here and the tinted version is impossible to find in the U.S.