Stuff that fits inside the Sac Coussin GM

  1. Some of the ladies here asked me what fits inside the Sac Coussin GM. Well, here ya go! A day in the life inside of my handbag. :P


  2. Wow, you can put alot of stuff. I love the lining...Thanks for posting the pictures..
  3. Danielle ~ I Love This Bag! It Does Hold Quite A Bit! Thank You For Sharing!!!
  4. Thank you; it holds a lot! I love this bag more and more each time I see it. :love:
  5. That's quite alot of stuff there Danielle, I like your Frambroise FP! :biggrin:
  6. Thanks for these pics!! This is one LV I never see, then I saw it on The Barkers and was really impressed, I really like it alot and it's roomy. I need a Mono fix, and this is definitely on the list, any pics with you wearing her? :biggrin:
  7. cute bag!
  8. Thanks BagLovingMom! Here's a picture of me modeling the Sac Coussin on the day it came from eluxury. Plastic still on the handles and all! It's such a convenient shoulder bag!

  9. oh, that's a pretty bag, thanks for sharing!
  10. Danielle!!! The bag is very nice and it looks GORGEOUS on you!!!:love: The size is PERFECT!!!:heart:
  11. Danielle, thanks for much for posting those pictures. The bag looks wonderful on you and holds a ton.

    I think i want to trade my piano in for that bag.. (blushes)
  12. Thanks so much for the pictures! I have been thinking about this bag a lot lately. It's great to be able to see what fits inside. :biggrin: I saw a few ladies this weekend in SF carrying this bag and it is so cute. It looks great on you!
  13. I want this bag now! Thanks for sharing pics!
  14. Its so nice and fits lots. I like you ipod cover, I fancy an LV one, but like your pink one. I hope you dont mind me asking - your phone is it a purple razor?
  15. It looks perfect on you! Love how your ipod and vernis wallet match, so cute!
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