stuff or fold???

  1. i keep going back and forth with my keepall 50 and my speedy 40. stuff or fold.what is the best way to store??? when they are stuffed they take up sooooooooo much room, that i fold them...then they look so ugly folded so i restuff and thus the cycle begins!!!:confused1: :P

    off the subject...i like this smiley best :yahoo:
  2. I fold it room in my closet plus it's designed so we can fold it.
  3. If you need room then fold them! I DO!!!

    This one is my favorite: :hysteric:
  4. yeah i know they are designed to fold...but i still go back and forth! i think i'm going to fold ONCE AND FOR ALL!!!

    oh! i like that smiley! i didn't know that she did that!! i like the spastic ones..
  5. :tispy:
    I stuff them...
  6. A work of art like that needs to be proudly displayed therefore, I would stuff. I would like an LV trunk to display in my home. It depends on you but, for me it would be part of the decore. LV screams style so why fold it and scrunch it into something ugly but, if you need the space I will understand. ohhh..display, display, display!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:yahoo:
  7. I fold my Keepall 45 - then into a dust bag...
  8. Stuff it :yes:
  9. I stuff and then place in a box lol...if I was running out of room I'd kick hubby's clothes out ;)
  10. I'd stuff them with my seasonal clothes.
  11. I am a stuffer.:upsidedown:
  12. "I'd stuff them with my seasonal clothes"

    Kathyrose- That is soooo funny you said that. That is so what I do of course not the good ones but the sweats and Ts. HA!
  13. I folded my Keepall 55 (the big weekender bag) when I first got it. I thought I was being very careful, and was folding it the same way it had been stored at LV, but I must have done something wrong, because I got small white-ish crease marks on the monogram canvas in the four corners where I folded it, and these marks have not gone away. So be careful when folding the bigger bags...
  14. I fold my Monogram Keepall, but stuff my MC Black Keepall.
  15. Mine get stuffed with clean white towels, put into their sleepers and then in their boxes and then get stacked inside my linen closet.... unfortunately they have forced my linens to seek refuge elsewhere!!