Stuff on TV shows that make you cry

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  1. Friends
    • It was after Rachel found out Ross had slept with Chloe the copy girl. They had a huge fight in Monica's living room and Rachel gave him that speech about how she used to think that he'd never hurt her. She breaks up with him and Ross talks about how he'd miss her arms. I lost it at that point.
    • When Monica tries to propose to Chandler but can't quite do it. He takes over, asks Monica to marry him and she says yes.

    Queer As Folk

    • Brian surprised Justin at his senior prom and they danced to Save the Last Dance For Me. They were walking in the parking lot and parted ways. Brian was getting into his Jeep when he saw Justin get hit in the head with a baseball bat. Brian ran over to him, grabbed the bat and hit the basher in the kneecaps. You see Brian stay with Justin, you see Justin get loaded into the ambulence and you see a devastated Brian in the hospital.
    • At Chris Hobbs's sentencing, the judge gives him a slap on the wrist. Debbie is upset. Debbie is frustrated and she's outside the courtroom, screaming at Chris Hobbs, his lawyer and the judge.
    • Just after Brian and Justin break up there's a benefit at Babylon. Babylon blows up with Justin inside. Brian frantically searches for him and when he finds him, he tells him he loves him.
    • Also in Babylon was Michael, and you see him loaded into the ambulence badly injured. You see a devastated Ben.
    • Brian sold Babylon and used the money to buy a house in the country, like the one Justin was always dreaming about. Brian takes Justin there and asks him to marry him and Justin says yes.
    • Brian and Justin decide not to get married after all. Justin is packing to go to New York to persue his art career. Brian tells Justin he noticed Justin hasn't returned the wedding rings and Justin replies, "We don't need rings to prove we love each other." {That part was really sad because you really wanted them to get married. But at the same time, you know that Brian is not the marrying guy. The fact that he even asked Justin is a huge thing. Yes, Justin did go to New York while Brian stayed in Pittsburgh, but Brian can see Justin whenever he wants. Hell, he could move Kinnetic to New York. They'll find ways to see each other.}
  2. Scrubs
    • Three patients {one being a friend of Dr. Cox} need organs and another patient dies. The deceased's parents give the doctors permission to use the organs. Turns out the patient died of rabies. One by one, each patient crashes and dies. Dr. Cox desperately tries to save his friend. He can't and the friend dies, too. Dr. Cox is devastated.

    Law & Order: SVU
    • The one where it starts with a little boy named Mikey was locked in the apartment. The firemen busted the door down and found him bloody, frightened, and huddled in a corner!
    • The one where they stop a child slavery ring! All those children looking frightened in the truck and the officers have to lift them out.
    • The one where they busted into a cult leader's house to find that all the children in the house had been shot.
    • The one where Detective Fin hands a kidnapped girl back to her mother. She whispers "Thank you" and Fin nods.
    • The custody hearing between an eight-year-old boy's birth father and grandparents and the couple who unknowingly adopted him from an illegal agency. It was so sad how crushed both the boy and his parents were when the judge awarded custody to his birth father!
  3. I haven't cried over a TV episode since that old rerun of "Good Times" when James died.

    I didn't really CRY, but I got teary eyed on "Crossing Jordon" when Elaine died. And on the "Fresh Prince" when Will's estranged deadbeat dad came to town and hung out with Will and made promises, but then left town without him, and he was crying and he asked Uncle Phil, "Why doesn't he want me?" or something.

    A very special moment.
  4. Six Feet Under
    • The ending of the series finale. It shows Claire driving down the highway and Sia's "Breathe Me" is playing in the background. During that sequence it shows the demises of the main characters. You're upset that they died, but if you do the math, all of them lived full, rich lives. It was so beautiful and moving. The one I'll always remember is poor George's face just crumpling up when Ruth died.
  5. Growing Pains
    --The episode where Mike tells Carol that her boyfriend (played by Matthew Perry) died in a car accident...OMG I cried so much :cry:
  6. ANY episode of Extreme Makeover. When they reveal the house to the family...I just lose it! LOL

    ANY episode of A Baby Story. Babies just make me get all sentimental and I turn into a big ole crybaby. :crybaby:

    The Real World San Francisco. When they had the episode about Pedro drying from AIDS..that was SO sad!
  7. Hmm..the only one that really stands out right now was in Friends when Rachel was closing up the coffee shop that one night after she and Ross had a fight (I think) and Ross is watching her through the window. Then she sees him and opens the doors and they kiss. I just got kind of teary at it, I didn't exactly cry though.
  8. Umm...pretty much everything...people leaving, people dying, romantic stuff, people fighting, people's dreams coming true, weddings..

    i remember this one episode of Alias where Sydney's fiance dies....i knew it was coming but i still bawled my eyes out..
  9. During Claire's drive into the future part of the finale of Six Feet Under, I cried so much that Mr Puff actually rewound the thing several times so I wouldn't end up missing most of it. :biggrin:
  10. Are you kidding?!? I can cry at almost anything on TV. I'm a total sap!
  11. Lost makes me cry a lot...well, it used to anyway. I cried when the survivors are reunited with the people who went on the raft, and Rose and Bernard see each other. I get teary watching that on reruns, and I already know what happens, lol!
  12. I cried watching when Denny died and also when he "came back" to Izzy on Greys Anatomy.

    Nates funeral and the Six Feet Under Finale. I totally lost it and still do if I watch it.

    When they killed off Adrianna on the Sopranos.
    News Radio when they show an empty seat after Phil Hartman died.

    When Jessica says goodbye to Benson on the show, Soap.

    When Gary dies on Thirtysomething.
  13. I saw that Futurama clip about Fry's dog. That made me cry.

    That poor little dog just sits there, waiting for him, not knowing he was frozen!
  14. I cry whenever they show a wedding. I can turn on tv show that I have never seen before and as soon as the bride walks down the aisle I will begin to cry.
  15. a lot! but i cried most often with grey's anatomy.

    it's when the man and woman in the train crash that's hooked up to a pole face to face, and the woman died :crybaby:

    and when danny died