stuff in the new catalog - when will it be available?

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  1. i know there was a HUGE thread about the new stuff in the catalog - but when will that stuff actually be in stores?

    thanks so much!
  2. I think May, but I'm hoping they'll have it out in time for my shopping trip at the end of this month!
  3. Some items are listed as available in June. If you know the item number you can call Coach and they will tell you if it is available for order.
  4. I think the cute carly stuff will be out in May and the new patchwork will be out in June. :biggrin:
  5. I ordered the denim Carly and the store told me it shipped already and I did not get an email yet. I know they had the patchwork jean small ergo at the store someone ordered last week but decided not to get it so some things you can order now.
  6. come soon May!!!
  7. i cant wait til the stuff comes out.
  8. The SA at the store I went to today in Crocker Park (Ohio) said some things will be in the store next Thursday!

  9. Crocker Park???? That's my store! I love the manager and assistant manager there! I always buy my stuff from there! :yahoo: Do you live right around here???