Stuff from Kwajalein / Stuff from Fiji

  1. I keep talking about having lived on Kwajalein and that I've been to Fiji.

    My mom collected quite a number of things while we were there, and now some of it is in my apartment. I thought I'd show people, if they're interested.

    I'll start with Fiji, since I only have two (well, three) things from there.:

    This is my cannibal fork and club.

    My mom never hung them on the wall, and I kept eyeing them, thinking, "When I get my own apartment, they're going on my wall." I just wanted the fork, but my mom wanted me to take the set.
  2. [​IMG]

    This is a . . . um, carved wooden head.
  3. Stuff from Kwajalein

    (My mom used to work part time at the Micronesian Handicrafts store and she would buy whatever caught her eye.)

    This monkey was carved out of a coconut.

    This was also carved out of a coconut. The base is the top. (The white things around the rim are shark teeth.)
  4. [​IMG]
    Cowrie shells
  5. [​IMG]
    This fan was woven from palm fronds. The Marshallese use natural materials in their handicrafts.

    (One of my mom's baskets . . . made from palm fronds . . . have little cowrie shells woven in the lid.)
  6. [​IMG]



    These notecards are prints of Micronesain woodcarvings. Micronesian woodcarvings tell stories of everyday life.
  7. Besides lots more fans and baskets, my mom's got an eel trap and a coconut shredder (a carved wooden stool with a sharpened shell on the front.)

    She also has this carved wooden scene depicting a pregnant woman in the middle. Each side of the scene shows a possible scenario: On one side, she gives birth to a healthy baby. On the other side, both she and the baby died.
    (We had no idea that's what it was depicting when my mom got it, but then my dad figured it out.)
  8. Your collection is very cool! It's amazing how skilled people can be. Thanks for sharing!
  9. very nice!