Studying Abroad

  1. Hey everyone..

    I'm interested in studying abroad next spring(2008) and taking the summer off to travel across europe and maybe asia

    Anyone have any experience with this? My BF is graduating in May and would need to find a job in the country (or a job that would send him internationally)where I will be studying for the semester.

    My college is affliated with

  2. I spent the fall semester of my junior year studying in London. I was an English Literature major and thought London would be the best fit, what with Shakespeare and the Globe Theatre.

    Also, my dad's side of the family is English, and the last time I was in London was when I was a little girl for family events so I wanted to experience London as someone being a little older.

    I went to Salve Regina University and studied in Kingston University.

    What countries were you thinking of?
  3. Some of my best college memories are from when I studied abroad. I did two spring semesters, one in Rome, the other in Paris. I changed my major so that I could study abroad twice, lol. I would've gone a third time but my dad put his foot down for that. Even time #2, I wasnt sure my dad would say I could go, so I applied and accepted secretly and told him a month before I had to buy a plane ticket! lol. Anyway, you definitely should if you can!

    But also, my unsolicited two cents... please don't base your decision on your bf's job. Studying abroad is an amazing opportunity you really won't have again. I was dating my current bf of over 5 years when I studied abroad both times, he visited, we spent a small fortune on phone cards, emailed all the time. I love him and love traveling with him, however, I wouldn't have changed my time abroad for anything. You won't be the only person on your program doing long distance, a strong relationship survives the short term separation. You'll have so much fun!
  4. I took a British Life & Culture class (it was required for all Study Abroad students) and met some very cool people there.

    Not only did I get to spend time in class with these people, but we took class field trips to places together. We saw places like Stonehenge (boring), the Roman baths of Bath, Oxford, The Globe Theatre and we got to go up inside Big Ben and stand behind the clock when the clock struck the hour.
  5. i studied abroad at oxford uni. and it was great. i took a bunch of economics courses. the workload was very intense so i don't know if you want to go there just for studying or for fun (like most of my friends went to italy just to party). i spent alot of time in the library reading and studying so i don't recommend going there if you don't want an intensive term. your bf really shouldn't get a job just to see you abroad. it makes things ALOT more difficult and costly for him. you could always see him during breaks or have him take vacation time to see you? because if he picks a job that requires alot of travelling, he might have to do that even AFTER you're done with study abroad. also, you should really enjoy your study abroad experience because it's one of those college things that everybody should go through. backpacking through europe is also fun especially paris!
  6. Heres the problem though..
    I want to experience europe with my bf. We live together, our finances are together etc..I would be such an amazing experience for both us of i'm really excited for it but I need to get the timing right. He is a finance major and wants to go for his masters degree as well. A job working at an international office of a company would be fabulous work experience for him as well.

    Any ideas?
  7. I think he should look at a finance study abroad opportunity through a major university. Maybe it would be easier for him to look at available programs, so you can try to fit in his region. I think getting a job abroad (Europe) is not that easy and very competitive, unless you have a university, program or company in the US sponsoring you or you happen to know someone who can get you a position.
  8. I did study abroad in St. Petersburg, Russia. It was such a fanstatic experience, if you have the chance to study abroad, don't pass it up!

    It's not easy for non-EU citizens to get jobs abroad. Also, companies that do send people abroad generally require you work there for an extended period of time, so most will not hire someone just for a semester or a few months. He could try looking on employment websites for jobs based in that country, but then again if he quits before his visa expires, the company may ask for the $$ it took to sponsor him back as it is very expensive to sponsor for a visa. He could always try to teach in the country you're living in, but again, they usually demand an extended length of time-typically at least a year. Your bf is better off just coming for extended visits.
  9. I studied abroad years ago through my University in Oviedo, Spain. I lived with a Spanish family for 6 months and studied at the Oviedo University. It was the most amazing experience of my life. I think the situation was ideal for learning the language and becoming "one with the culture" as opposed to being a visitor in another land. I made friends from Spain and expereinced life as an insider not an outsider. I prefered to hang with the locals rather than seeking out American companionship. I know I got a lot out of the experience and learned a lot about myself as well as Spain.

    If you can go through a university it is much easier to set everything up as opposed to going on your own. I went through ILACA but not sure if that still exists.